13 recipes inspired by chocolate bars

Everyone has a favourite chocolate bar. And, in our experience, most people have very strong feelings about their top choc. Some enjoy sinking their teeth into a nougat-filled Mars bar, while others prefer the satisfying crunch of a crispy Kit Kat. Whether it’s a bubbly Aero, a delicate Flake or a crunchy – well – Crunchie, the chocolate bar debate is forever changing.

One thing we can all agree on is that when it comes to chocolate, more is more. Who wouldn’t want to eat a Twix in glorified tart or pieces of Daim baked into a warm, gooey, chewy cookie? With that in mind, we’ve selected 13 ultimate chocolate bar recipes, from around the web. They’re sure to be loved by everyone.

13 recipes inspired by chocolate bars

1. delicious. giant Twix tart

Our favourite trio: buttery biscuit, gooey caramel and a rich chocolate ganache.


2. delicious. no-bake gooey Mars bar-style tart

We’d go to Mars and back for a slice of this tart.


3. Baking a mess’ Kinder Bueno cupcakes

Hazelnutty, chocolatey, buttercreamy… You get the idea.


4. Jane’s patisserie no-bake Bounty cheesecake

Don’t leave those forgotten Bountys at the bottom of the box. Use them up in this cheesecake! It’ll be gone in seconds.


5. Jen’s favourite cookies Kit Kat blondies

Take a break. Have a Kit Kat blondie.


6. delicious. Crunchie honeycomb chocolate mousse

What’s better than a Crunchie bar? A deconstructed Crunchie bar in chocolate mousse form. That’s what.


7. Scandikitchen’s Daim cookies

Daim, these cookies are good.


8. She who bakes’ Caramac fancies

Fancy a fancy? These cute little cakes are so light and fluffy. It’d be rude to eat just one.


9. delicious. Daim bar layer cake

This chocolate bar is so good, it’s made the list twice. Enter quadruple layer cake…


10. Life, love and sugar’s Snickers peanut butter brownie ice cream cake

If the title doesn’t already tell you that this cake is going to be epic, see below for proof.


11. Maverick baking’s Aero mint chocolate brownies

Brilliantly bubbly triple chocolate brownies. Serving size: 1/16th. *Laughs*


12. Inside brucrew life’s caramel Milky Way cheesecake bars

A soft Milky Way cookie dough base, topped with a rich layer of cheesecake and a silky caramel sauce…


13. The happy foodie’s Toffee Crisp(ish)

There’s something magical about a chocolate bar that’s fabulously chewy and crispy at the same time. These bitesize bars are a tribute to the one and only, Toffee Crisp.



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