Back to uni: SORTEDfood’s top five recipes to wow your housemates

Back to uni: SORTEDfood’s top five recipes to wow your housemates

If you’re reading this the chances are that either you are headed off to uni or you have a son/daughter/niece/nephew/friend who is. Which is great news because Jamie, Ben, Barry and Mike of SORTEDfood have come up with their top five student recipes to get the new academic year off to a great start.

Ben says: So first things first, you need to do a big shop. If you can get your family to do this en route to dropping you off at uni then even better, they’ll probably pick up the bill! Stock up on dried larder essentials – oil, salt, pepper, spices, soy sauce, vinegar  – all that stuff you’ll only need to buy once a semester but will add real flavour to your meals. Then you need to go for pastas, noodles, rice, tinned tomatoes – the works. Stock up as much as you can – no one want to get a reputation for being the stingy student who nicks everyone else’s food! Plus, buying enough means you can cook group meals and is a sure fire way to make friends.

Mike says: Get into the flat early and try to bag a good shelf in the fridge – you want to go top shelf if you can. The reason being, that if you’ve got a bit of a manky housemate that leaves open packs of bacon to fester, and veg in a fridge so long that it goes its own legs, you won’t have horrible rotten food juice dipping down onto your stuff!

Barry says: With pots and pans – you only really need one pan, at a push two. Think about it, all of your housemates are going to bring everything too so you’ll end up having loads of them. Thats not to say you keep using them all until you run out and finally have to do the washing up! Oh and get non-stick, that way if you don’t wash it up straight away it will still scrub up alright.

Jamie says: So now you’ve got the basics covered, here’s how to impress and make friends with our five best ever student recipes. They might look fancy but they are really easy –  three of us are untrained chefs and even we can do this!

Here are their top five recipes: 

Posh beans on toast – an absolute student classic

Thai noodle soup in a mug – posh version of pot noodle

Rice krispie treats – a really easy rice crispy treats with sea salt and toasted marshmallow

Bacon and artichoke linguine – artichoke is an unusual ingredient but still cheap and easy

Toad in the hole – an impressive but cheap way to feed friends


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