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GBBO star Kim-Joy on her first book and her magical inner world: listen now

In this week’s podcast, I catch up with 2018 GBBO finalist Kim-Joy to discuss her new book Baking with Kim-Joy, which is full of extraordinary baking creations that are set to blow your mind.

Kim-Joy also talks openly about overcoming her social anxieties in lieu of her newfound GBBO rise to fame and discusses the joy of giving something back by baking.

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GBBO star Kim-Joy on her first book and her magical inner world: listen now

Having lived most of her life with social anxieties, Kim-Joy discusses her decision to take the plunge in 2018 and enter the Great British Bake Off, in spite of her shy personality.

So what does it really feel like to be propelled to the top of fame with GBBO? “Initially I was drawn to all of the horrible comments on social media and found it difficult to handle but eventually, I got to a place where I felt accepted and I really focused on all of the positive comments people would make,” says Kim-Joy. Having worked in mental health before embarking on her Bake Off journey, Kim-Joy says she’d love to be able to combine mental health with baking someday.

Her new book is a feast for the eyes. As you flick through it, you’ll notice some of the most incredible cakes (Whale Under The Water being one of my favourites) but the real beauty of each recipe is that once broken down, they’re not as difficult as they first look.

Find out how she achieves that perfectly controlled cake drip each time, and how you can too. Plus discover a range of vegan recipes throughout the book – something which is not often available when it comes to modern baking.

Being huge on Instagram, Kim-Joy talks about her love of being to reach so many people on such a large scale. Even spreading positivity simply with the picture of a cake is enough to bring her back some joy.

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