What does refreshing vegetables mean?

Vegetables don’t go on relaxing spa breaks, so this is the closest they come to jumping in the plunge pool after a blast in the sauna.

What does refreshing vegetables mean?

How do I refresh vegetables?

Refreshing vegetables is an odd term, and it simply means to plunge them in cold water immediately after cooking.

Why do you need to refresh vegetables?

It’s not essential, but some recipes recommend it. It’s to stop the cooking process, because vegetables that are just drained will remain hot, and continue to cook a little more.

Refreshing is  great for ensuring a crisp and crunchy final texture.

Recipes using the refresh method:

Quick pepper mackerel salad with vegetable crisps

Roast duck with griddled potatoes, baby turnips and broad beans

Herb and quinoa roast pork with fennel crackling

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