Who wouldn’t love to feel more confident in the kitchen? Learn more cooking skills from our how-to videos (including how to make the perfect vegan curry and use up leftover chicken in an indulgent pasta bake...), find answers in our Cook’s dictionary which takes you through an A to Z of ingredients and techniques. And find yourself, or a friend, a great cookery school to try.

In the garden

Fancy growing your own food? You can grow your own in anything from a small pot to a large plot. Make the most of what you have – learn how to plant herbs, veg and fruit – and when to plant them, too.

Then, why not really challenge yourself and make a wood-fired pizza oven?

Cookery schools

Learn skills to last you a lifetime. Or, give as a gift to that foodie friend. Here’s our round-up of cookery school reviews from across the UK.

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September 2019