Who wouldn’t love to feel more confident in the kitchen? Learn more cooking skills from our how-to videos (including how to make the perfect vegan curry and use up leftover chicken in an indulgent pasta bake...), find answers in our Cook’s dictionary which takes you through an A to Z of ingredients and techniques. And find yourself, or a friend, a great cookery school to try.

In the kitchen

Roll up your sleeves, discover the absolute JOY of cooking.

Our huge range of how-tos, videos and articles will help you feel more confident in the kitchen.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started. Find out how to use up leftover ham, how to store cooked rice safely, and how to make the ultimate chilli con carne.

In the garden

Fancy growing your own food? You can grow your own in anything from a small pot to a large plot. Make the most of what you have – learn how to plant herbs, veg and fruit – and when to plant them, too.

Cookery schools

Learn skills to last you a lifetime. Or, give as a gift to that foodie friend. Here’s our round-up of cookery school reviews from across the UK.

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