The after-dinner Christmas quiz

Need a challenge to help digest the roast lunch? As the meal draws to a close and everyone’s starting to slump over their coffee cups and brandy glasses, give the grey matter a workout with this brain-teasing quiz.

The after-dinner Christmas quiz


The questions

1. What is the most shoplifted food in the UK?
2. What did Louis XIV eat 400 of before his wedding night?
3. There are more than 1,000 varieties of banana. How many of these cultivars do we actually eat?
4. What would you be suffering from if you had sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia?
5. Who is the richest man in Italy?
6. What colour are fully mature limes?
7. What percentage of fat does full-fat milk actually contain?
8. What was the nickname of the man who invented nachos?
9. In Turkey, what country does the word for a turkey refer to?
10. What fruit was served as an aphrodisiac in Elizabethan brothels? (They have a different reputation these days.)
11. What’s the French name for the constellation Ursa Major?
12. One third of British potatoes are made into what?
13. How would an Ancient Greek declare his love for a woman? (Clue: it involves fruit.)
14. What shape of biscuit is Queen Elizabeth I credited with inventing?
15. How many recipes does the average Briton actually know off by heart? (Obviously NOT delicious. readers…)
16. If food prices rose at the same rate as house prices over the past 40 years, how much would a loaf of bread cost?
17. What job did novelist Roald Dahl have as a boy? (Lucky chap!)
18. How long should you boil pasta for, according to Mrs Beeton?
19. What did the Romans use as mothballs?
20. On average, Britons eat 1,126 what in their life time?

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