The big Easter food quiz

Much as we love Easter feasting, there’s always room for a good food quiz with friends or family round the table. Who’s going to win this year?

Get the grey matter working over the long Easter weekend with our brain-teasing quiz for food lovers. Do it section by section as and when you please, or get the family involved, split into teams and make it a competition… There’s only one rule – no peeking at the answers (at the bottom of the page).

The big Easter food quiz

Which half of an egg is the key ingredient in these classic recipes? Just to be tricky, we’ve snuck in a couple that use the whole egg, too…

1. Meringues
2. English custard
3. Hollandaise sauce
4. Soufflé
5 .Crème brûlée
6. Royal icing
7. French macarons
8. Traditional carbonara

Bonus question: Which French dessert combines a yolk-based dessert and an egg white-based dessert, with one sitting on top of the other?

Match the fact to the favourite chocolate bars


A. Named after a favourite American horse of the Mars Corporation family in the 1930s, but sold as a Marathon bar in the UK until 1990 when its name was changed in line with the original USA product

B. This bar’s name was decided in a competition between factory employees and is a blended word, referring to its colour and flavour plus the name of the confectionery firm that then owned it

C. A version sold in the US between 1973 and 1981 was called a Marathon, and its packaging included an illustration of a ruler, highlighting this chocolate bar’s length

D. This bar’s production process is kept secret, with its owner claiming no other manufacturer has been able to replicate it. It became notorious for its sensual television advertising in the 20th century

E. Used as a food term (with various spellings) since the late 17th century, when it referred to mutton pies made by a London pie maker called Christopher Cat*. A political society, which often met at his establishment and ate them, took on this name

Can you identify these cooking techniques from their technical explanations?

1. Adding alcoholic liqueur to a hot pan and igniting it, swiftly introducing the rich flavour of the spirit to the food

2. Technique of cutting food, typically vegetables, into thin, regular and rectangular batons

3. Making use of the residue in a pan, often found after browning meat, to flavour sauces and gravies, typically by adding liquid such as water, stock or wine

4. Increasing the durability and finish of chocolate by raising and reducing it to
specific temperatures

5. Method of battering and deep-frying food, including seafood and vegetables, made popular in Japan

6. Kneading risen bread dough to remove excess air and create an even texture, making it easier to shape before it is proved and baked

7. Using sugar or salt to draw out moisture in fruits and vegetables, or soaking them in liquid, to produce a softer texture and/or introduce a secondary flavour

Quick-fire questions from simple to head-scratcher

1. Which is the biggest British supermarket chain?

2. What is another term for a bunch of bananas?

3. Bourbon whiskey must be distilled from a mash containing at least 51% of which grain?

4.Which fictional character’s favourite food is honey?

5. Which of the following is not a type of sponge cake: angel food, chiffon, taffeta, génoise

6. Which 25-year-old wrote a bestselling book on home management and cookery in the 19th century?

7. Champagne can only be made from three grape varieties: chardonnay, pinot noir and ?

8. In which city is the 2007 Pixar film Ratatouille, featuring a rat with dreams of being a chef, set?

9. Players of which sport are described as ‘egg chasers’?

10. What is the name of the soft, fresh Scottish cheese characterised by its whipped texture and often eaten with oatcakes?

 *Records of this spelling vary, including Catt, Catling and Katt/ends



WHITE OR YOLK: 1, 6 & 7: egg white. 2, 3 & 5: egg yolk. 4 & 8: whole egg. Bonus: Îles flottantes or floating islands

SELECTION BOX: A: Snickers, B: Caramac, C: Curly Wurly, D: Flake, E: Kit Kat

IN THE KITCHEN: 1: Flambé 2: Julienne 3: Deglaze 4: Temper 5: Tempura 6: Knock back 7: Macerate

TASTY TRIVIA: 1: Tesco 2: Hand 3: Corn 4: Winnie the Pooh 5: Taffeta 6: Mrs Beeton 7: Pinot meunier 8: Paris 9: Rugby 10: Crowdie

Sources: Telegraph; The Guardian

quiz questions: Phoebe Stone

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