The return of the delicious. podcast: a four-part series with the Food Foundation

In this special four-week series, delicious. podcast producer Gilly Smith introduces us to a group of young people, some of whom have experienced first-hand food poverty, as they explore how to make the food system fairer. All four episodes of the delicious. podcast have been produced in partnership with the Food Foundation and its Right2Food podcast.

To listen, plus to find out about each episode, simply scroll below.

The return of the delicious. podcast: a four-part series with the Food Foundation

Episode 1: Food Influencers

Listen to Dame Emma Thompson, Marcus Rashford and a host of young ambassadors discussing the issues of food poverty, and the ways in which people, no matter their status, can make their voice be heard.

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The past year has thrown up shocking issues surrounding food deprivation and inequality in the UK. Despite being the 6th richest country in the world, before Covid-19, a startling statistic revealed that 9 children in every UK classroom were living in poverty.

Listen along here:

Episode 2: The Rise of Food Clubs

In the second episode of the series, delicious. podcast presenter Gilly Smith takes a look at the role that food banks and membership clubs have played during the pandemic and whose responsibility it is to feed our poorest families.

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What’s next in the series?

Episode 3: Unravelling The Food Chain 

Next up, we explore the ways in which we have to count the carbon footprint of our current food system and how we begin to start looking for solutions.

Available from 14 April

Episode 4: Messaging For Good

Ever wondered if advertising healthy food to kids on TV could change the way they snack? In the final episode in the series, we look at some extraordinary examples of positive messaging that could reduce obesity.

Available from 21 April

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