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The vinegar that’s craft-brewed

Sarson’s has a long heritage of high quality, full flavour – and doing things its own way. Vinegar is a long-standing British kitchen staple, and most fondly associated with the nation’s much-loved traditional dish of fish and chips.


The vinegar that’s craft-brewed

Sarson’s malt vinegar, however, is no ordinary vinegar. It’s a craft-brewed vinegar that’s all about adding another dimension of flavour to food, from starters and mains to sides, salads and sauces.

Sarson’s achieves this by brewing the vinegar over a course of seven days in huge wooden vats – most other malt vinegars are produced in 24 hours using stainless steel acetators. Sarson’s has always used this traditional method to give a rich and round taste.

Sarson’s proud heritage of quality, flavour and craftsmanship dates back more than 200 years. The brand was initially sold predominantly through greengrocers alongside fruit and veg, paired with them for pickling or to be used as a dressing.

Sarson’s has always prided itself on using the best British ingredients to create a stand-out product.

The 20th century became the golden age of vinegar as the condiment’s popularity soared, with 65 licensed vinegar breweries in operation, but by 1940 Sarson’s was the only brewery remaining.

The brand credits its survival and success to its refusal to compromise its production methods. Sarson’s has always prided itself on using the best British ingredients to create a stand-out product with quality, craftsmanship and passion at its heart.

Sarson's panzanella
Try Sarson’s on a panzanella salad


The distinctive 250ml Sarson’s teardrop bottle was launched in 1989 to coincide with its first-ever TV advert, and the 400ml malt vinegar glass table bottle followed in 1993.

More than 200 years since it was founded, Sarson’s vinegar still lies at the heart of British homes as an iconic and trustworthy cooking and mealtime essential.

Sarson’s malt vinegar 250ml bottle is available to buy for 99p RSP from all major supermarkets and online.

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