12 ways with Negroni

12 ways with Negroni

By Rose McCarthy

The story goes that the Negroni was created in 1919 by Italian bartender Forsco Scarselli. Scarselli’s friend, Count Camillo Negroni, asked him for a ‘bit more kick’ in his Americano strong. Scarselli filled the glass, but replaced the soda water with gin, and the lemon with orange peel. As he drank, what had been a quiet bar, turned into raucous praise for Scarselli. And thus the legend of the Negroni was born.

A Negroni itself is a thing of desire. But what about using it in other ways? Here’s my round-up of the best Negroni-related recipes from around the web – perfect for #negroniweek. Or any week.

1. delicious. magazine’s Negroni cheesecake

Take your cheesecake to the next level with this boozy wonder. A hazelnut biscuit base is topped with a creamy filling and a thick layer of Negroni and orange jelly – perfect for an adult-only tea party. You can find the recipe in the June 2018 issue of the magazine.

2. Baking Bites’ Negroni cupcakes

Cute cupcakes receive a naughty makeover thanks to the gin-spiked buttercream icing.

3. delicious. magazine’s Negroni granita

Cooling, light and boozy – what’s not to like in a dessert?

4. Vinpair’s Negroni ice cream sandwhich

I love this recipe because of the contrasts – a still-warm cookie and dreamy, creamy coconut Negroni ice cream. I’ll take two…

5. Savouring Italy’s Negroni cranberry sauce

There’s more to this cranberry sauce than being a Christmas side. This recipe can be turned into a unique cherry tart. Yum.

6. Sharky oven gloves’ Leiter Fluid macarons

Inspired by the world of Bond, James Bond. Campari is matched with dark chocolate ganache, providing a richness of flavour in these tiny delectable goodies.

7. Fairytale Brownie’s Negroni brownie sundae

Brownies, good. Ice cream, good. Negroni berry compote, goooooood!

8. Little Sugar Snaps’ Negroni truffles

These boozy truffles, coated in crisp milk chocolate, pack quite a punch. Best enjoyed alongside coffee or, you guessed it, a Negroni.

9. Negroni spagliato

This fizzy take on a negroni literally means ‘mistaken negroni’, as the prosecco comes instead of gin. It’s a brilliant aperitivo fit for a special occasion.

10. Baking bites’ Negroni pie

This vibrant pie matches the outspoken nature of the Campari liquor that went inside it.

11. Miss Jones Baking Co. Candied Negroni cakelets

Fancy a Negroni glaze? I do. I also fancy the haze that I’ll feel after devouring several of these…

12. delicious. magazine’s Negroni

Because you can’t beat a classic. And remember the twist of pared orange zest, to decorate.


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