Best non-alcoholic drinks for 2024

Instead of dreading the thought of booze-free days, why not consider dipping your toe in sobriety’s waters? These non-alcoholic drinks prove that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Who knows, the clear-headedness and energy-boost may even convince you to stay dry longer term. Whether you’re long-term sober or giving it a short-term try, have a browse through our pick of 2024’s best booze-free bottles.


Best non-alcoholic drinks for 2024

Wilfred’s Bittersweet Non-Alcoholic Spritz

If your favourite alcoholic tipple is an Aperol spritz, then Wilfred’s is the one for you. The taste is deceptively like the real thing, with notes of rosemary, bitter orange, rhubarb and cloves – it reminded us of Cynar. This would be delightful served as your Friday night knock-off, an aperitif, or as your Sunday afternoon pick-me-up. Wilfred’s is not only free from alcohol, but also allergens, artificial colours, and it’s vegan and naturally low-calorie. It’s three yeses from us. Available from Wilfred’s Drinks (£19/500ml).

three spirit


Launched in 2023, Botivo is quickly growing a reputation as one of the greatest alcohol free aperitif’s out there. Made with apple cider vinegar, wormwood and honey, it has balanced sweetness and acidity and tastes perfect served with soda water and a slice of citrus. Available from The Whisky Exchange (£24.95).


MOMO’s hops kombucha
Kombucha is a great replacement for alcohol because it has all the bubbliness of a bottle of beer or glass of fizzy wine, with plenty of refreshing tang. This limited edition version is a collaboration with Orbit beers, made with Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin hops which give it depth of flavour, and pair brilliantly with MOMO’s lively kombucha. This is a non-alcoholic option that will make you feel good! Available from Momo Kombucha (6 x 500ml bottles for £26.50).

Momo kombucha

Lyre’s spirits
There’s no need to miss out on cocktails just because you’re going sober. Lyre’s boast one of the biggest non-alcoholic spirits ranges of any brand, and their Dry London Spirit and American Malt are two particularly impressive substitutes. The gin-like spirit is fragrant and herbal and could very nearly pass for the real thing, while the whiksy uses ginger to imitate whisky’s burning sensation very successfully. Available from Lyres (£24.45).


Wednesday’s Domaine

Finally, a tee-total, bubble-free wine we can get behind. We were impressed by Wednesday’s Domaine, a wine based drink with natural flavours, with plenty of body to keep it interesting. Both drinks went particularly well with food. The white, made with Airen Blanco grapes is on the sweeter side, but if you’re a fan of a Sauvignon Blanc then you’ll enjoy its clean and balanced profile. The red is made from Tempranillo grapes, and has a noticeable complexity, with hints of red fruit. Both offer the mouthfeel you’d expect form a glass of the proper stuff, and we’d definitely go back for a second glass. Available from Wednesday’s Domaine, £25.99 for a twin pack.

Wednesday's Domaine

Three Spirit

Whether you like to drink to get you in the mood for going out or as a relaxing end to an evening, Three Spirit drinks have something to please. For an aperitif, try their ‘Livener’ with tonic, which offers sweetness from unexpected watermelon, beet sugar, pomegranate molasses, and a spicy ginger-like kick. The ‘Social Elixir’ might sound like a spell and smell like one too, but ingredients such as agave nectar, caraway seed, yerba mate, passion flower, cacao bean combine for a bitter-sweet drink that’s reminiscent of vermouth and lovely with ginger ale. Before bed, their ‘Nightcap’ with maple syrup, lemon balm, white willow bark, valerian, and liquorice root is a non-alcoholic solution to help you unwind in time for hitting the sack, and it almost feels good-for-you. Available from Three Spirit Drinks (£24.99/50cl).

Three Spirit


Pentire’s range of non-alcoholic spirits is made in Cornwall with coastal botanicals. The drinks are plant-based, distilled naturally, and are free from artificial flavourings and sweeteners – so far, so good. There are two flavours: Seaward which is bright, zesty and includes local sea buckthorn and rosemary. Then there’s Adrift, with green notes from samphire and sage, it has a distinctly pleasing herby aftertaste. We like both served with a little tonic, ice and a sprig of rosemary, but the team also now have 2 ready-mix cocktails made with the drinks, a margarita and a spritz. Available from Pentire, £27.80 for a 70cl bottle.Pentire


GIMBER is an alcohol-free ginger concentrate that really impressed us. Ingredients are simply organic ginger, citrus fruit and herbs, so this aromatic cordial is still one to go for if you’re on a health kick. It can be used as the base for many a mocktail – think a mojito, dark ‘n’ stormy or margarita – but is also a great in a morning pick-me-up or tea, or even a chai latte. It’s a little on the pricier side, but is unique in being suitable to drink at any time of day. Available from GIMBER (£27.50/50cl).



With ingredients such as vetiver, cassia bark and gentian (don’t worry – the delicious. team were stumped too), the long list of (natural) flavourings used in the three Everleaf expressions certainly amount to complex-tasting drinks. Everleaf Forest is bittersweet in flavour, sunshine yellow in colour and has an overarching dryness that tastes almost alcoholic. Everleaf Marine has a savoury salinity from dulse and kelp seaweeds, with a piney juniper and bergamot base. Everleaf Mountain is the sweetest of the three, with fragrant cherry blossom, rosehip and wild strawberries – try it with tonic and fresh strawberry for a simple cocktail. Available from Everleaf Drinks (£18/50cl).everleaf


There’s a reason we go back to this bottle time and time again. The first in a long line of non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip paved the way for booze-free drinks. In fact, they made not drinking cool. Garden is our favourite of their three flavours, with notes of spearmint, rosemary and thyme – perfect with tonic. Available from Seedlip (£26/70cl).


Nunc kombucha

Nunc’s kombucha is availble in five very interesting flavours, our favourites were ‘Rose Blush’, great if you miss a glass of wine; ‘Chilli Cha Cha’ that’s as spicy as the name suggests, so perfect for those looking for something with a bit of pep; and ‘Hops Monster’ ideal for beer lovers, but far less heavy than an actual beer. Available from Nunc Living (£31.99 for 12 cans).


Alcohol-Free Passion Fruit Martini

Unusual, sophisticated and full of flavour, Belvoir’s Passion Fruit Martini has a light, cloudy orange colour and is gently sparkling, with some sediment. The taste was unexpected – a fresh, fragrant true passion fruit flavour, with just a hint of vanilla that made us think of sugar cookies. This would be delightful served as an apertif or even as a substitute for dessert wine with pavlova or trifle. Available from Sainsbury’s (£2.70/750ml).

three spiritOddbird sparkling wines

Is sparkling wine your typical drink of choice? Let Oddbird stand in its stead at your next dinner party or gathering. We’re huge fans of the tall and sleek bottle, which gives it a proper wine feel. The spumante was our favourite: the drink itself looks like any other sparkling – fizzy and straw coloured – and tastes a little on the tart side so is perfect for those who prefer a bright wine. If you love a glass of fizz but hate the headaches – get on board with the brand’s tagline ‘liberated from alcohol’ and give this a go. Available from 31dover (from £8.95/75cl).

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