8 decadent Christmas trifles to make this year

There’s something magical about the creation of a trifle. Perhaps it’s the care and attention that goes into building each scrumptious layer or maybe it’s the towering showcase you’re left with as a result of all your work.

Christmas is the time to really show off your trifling talents. From classic trifles to boozy espresso martini varieties, have a go at making your own showstopper in 2023.

8 decadent Christmas trifles to make this year

1.Mulled cider trifle

We’ve combined the festive flavours of mulled cider and cinnamon spice to create an incredible Christmas dessert, definitely worthy of seconds (or thirds).

Mulled cider trifle

2. Panettone, vin santo berries and zabaglione cream trifle

When it comes to the layer of fruit in a trifle, the boozier the better in our eyes! We’ve combined alcohol-infused berries, classic panettone and a creamy zabaglione (an Italian-style custard) in this unique Christmassy trifle recipe not to be missed.


3.Gingerbread and eggnog trifle

For a fiery festive kick, we’ve used ginger loaf cake in the sponge layer of this decadent dish . A few splashes of Advocaat have been added to the eggnog custard to make you feel like you’re eating Christmas in a bowl.

Eggnog trifle

4.Caramelised clementine and almond trifle

This citrus trifle is a huge favourite each year among Delicious readers! Make our ultimate showstopper with soft sponge, caramelised clementines, thick custard, cream and an amaretto crunch. Trust us, it’ll be the crowning glory on your Christmas dinner table.

Clementine trifle

5.Espresso martini trifle 

What would you do if we told you that your favourite cocktail could become your favourite dessert this Christmas?  No cooking skills are required to make this easy dessert. Simply layer sponge fingers with a coffee and vodka-spiked mascarpone cream then pop in the fridge to chill until you’re ready to serve.

Espresso martini

6.Fig and Marsala trifle

Try this trifle with a difference. Made with sponge cake, Marsala, figs, white chocolate and pomegranate – it’s an impressive festive party dessert recipe. Blow-torch the tops just before you serve for added flair!

Fig trifle

7.Saffron-poached pear, madeira and ginger trifle

If you’re all berried-out this Christmas, opt for pears instead of classic fruit. Like all the best Christmas desserts, this trifle does require a bit of extra effort but trust us, it’s all worth it in the end.

Pear trifle

8.Boozy inside-out trifle cake

Imagine the look on their faces when you reveal to your guests that you’ve made a hybrid dessert for Christmas this year. Trifle meets cake! This inside-out cake recipe can be prepared on Christmas Eve. Just the thing for an easy-going Christmas pud.

Inside out trifle cake


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