Hosting your first Christmas? Here’s what you’ll need

Hosting your first Christmas? Here’s what you’ll need

You’re hosting your first Christmas and thinking: “I’ve got this… sort of.” It may all seem pretty straight forward at first, maybe even formulaic: turkey + gravy + stuffing = happy guests.

But then the day comes and your turkey doesn’t fit in your roasting pan and you realise you never bought a vegetable peeler.

The best way to avoid a Christmas dinner blunder? Have your kitchen stocked with all the right tools and don’t make a fuss if something doesn’t turn out perfectly.

Here’s our list of kitchen items that are ‘must-haves’ and ‘good-to-haves’ for the big feast.


  • Meat thermometer so your turkey, ham or other roast comes out succulent and moist


  • A good (sharp) knife for precise carving
  • Vegetable peelers (more than one – so you can put people to work!) 
  • Cutting/carving board
  • Gravy boat because gravy always tastes better (and looks classier) when it comes from a boat


  • Microplane grater for zesting oranges, lemons and grating whole nutmeg
  • Christmassy spices: sage, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves
  • Roasting pan big enough to accommodate a turkey or other roast
  • Kitchen twine for trussing your turkey
  • Plenty of containers for leftovers 
  • Sugar thermometer so you can make these marshmallow snowballs


  • Ice bucket
  • Ice for whiskey… what else?


  • Small canapé forks/spoons are best for letting everyone dig into starters
  • Fat separator because it’s easier than skimming with a spoon 
  • Punch bowl to get the drinks flowing!
  • Turkey baster to keep the bird succulent
  • Bundt pan to make this bad boy

Gingerbread bundt

  • Baking dishes that can be brought to the table so you don’t double-dirty the dishes

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

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