Owlet Fruit Juice

Owlet Fruit Juice

Producer: Owlet Fruit Juice, Kent
Product: Owlet Cheerfull Gold Apple Juice and Owlet Fruit Juice: Owlet Rhubarb, Apple & Strawberry Juice
Region: London and the South East
Category: From the earth, artisan
What they do:
For 30 years Owlet Fruit Juices have been pressing and blending juices from the fruits, berries and flowers that grow on their farm in near Lamberhurst.
The Cheerfull Gold apple produces fruit of peerless flavour and juiciness. The Kentish Weald is well suited to fruit growing, and this natural fecundity, combined with their experience as fruit growers and their decision to leave the margins of their orchards unmown and wild, has enabled Owlet to produce abundant fruit with minimal aid from sprays and pesticides. Instead they depend on natural predators and insect pollinators from their own bee hives and elsewhere.
The ripe fruit is pressed, and any waste pulp taken by a local cattle farmer to feed his herd. The team at Owlet Fruit are all local employees who remain devoted to supporting their community through participating and donating prizes to fairs, fun runs and school fetes.
What the judges said:
The judges admired the locally reflected flavours, seasonality and environmental sustainability of the producer, as well as their commitment to local events and education.

Visit the website: Owlet Fruit Juice

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