Shucks! Why is it so important to eat oysters?

Shucks! Why is it so important to eat oysters?

Listen in, as podcaster Gilly Smith chats to Katy Davidson about these molluscs with some serious ethical muscle…

Katy Davidson, aka The Oyster Lady had her first oyster when she was just 12 years old, back in 1988. She’s been campaigning for over 12 years to promote this most nutritious, ethical, sustainable and delicious foodstuff since she gave an impromptu Oyster Masterclass at the Organic Food Festival in Bristol. Katy is the sole founder of the very first London Oyster Week, which starts on Monday 21 April.


She says, “London Oyster Week is the culmination of years of research and experience in the oyster world and a desire to share all I’ve learnt about this wonderful yet simple creature. We have a dichotomy where oysters are functionally extinct in the wild, yet they are the most sustainable protein source when farmed, as my friends in the States say, #eatfarmedoysterssavetheearth!”

Hear more from Katy in this interview, and find out more about all the venues, offers and events coming up in London Oyster Week 2018.

Want more? Find our oyster recipes here.



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