The best boxed wines to buy online

It’s good to see boxed wines coming back into fashion – especially if you just want a glass or two and don’t want to open (and possibly waste) a whole bottle.

Happily, you can now expect to find much better quality reds, whites and rosés packaged this way (usually in 2.25 litre quantities, or three regular bottles’ worth). Susy Atkins provides her tips on the best boxed wines to buy online.

The best boxed wines to buy online

Where can you buy boxed wine online?

Check out The BIB Wine Company for starters. It sources from smaller independent wineries, packaging the wine in the UK, which saves on the wine’s carbon footprint.

Are boxed wines recyclable?

Yes, more are recyclable – the cardboard certainly is, while the bag can go in supermarket bag recycle bins. Separate the tap and discard.

Does boxed wine stay fresh?

Over the years, the technology behind the packaging has improved out of sight. BIB co-founder Oliver Lea says modern bags are less permeable and the taps less leaky than they used to be, preventing oxygen from getting in. Your wine should taste fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening. Note that ‘up to’ though – I recommend drinking it up within a month and keeping an open box in the fridge or other cool spot.

Three great boxed wines to try

Field of the Bee 2019, Côtes Catalanes, France 13%

Field of the Bee

Ripe and fresh southern French white, a blend of grenache gris and blanc and roussanne. It brims with juicy pineapple and satsuma with a hint of apricot. Best with a creamy fish pie or grilled, herby chicken. Available from BIB Wine (£36/2.25 litres)

Belle Année Rosé by Mirabeau, France 12.5%


A lovely and subtle pale rosé, this has a zesty citrus streak as well as red berries and a note of pear. It’s properly dry; match with delicate seafood or sip as a light aperitif. Available from Waitrose (£25.99/2.25 litres).

Hacienda Albae Tempranillo 2018, La Tierra de Castilla, Spain 13.5%


Rounded, smooth red with rioja-like plum and cooked strawberry fruit, plus a layer of sweet, softly spiced vanilla from oak barrel ageing. Scores highly with roast lamb. Available from BIB Wine (£29.90/2.25 litres).

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