Tims Dairy

Tims Dairy

Producer: Tims Dairy, Buckinghamshire
Product: Greek-style bio-live natural yogurt
Region: London and South East
Category: From the dairy, artisan
What they do:
Tims Dairy has been making and selling Greek yogurt and milk-based desserts since 1949. Production was very hands-on in the early days, with the whole family pitching in. While the founding family is still heavily involved, times have changed: rather than churning their milk in the back of a shop in Riding House Street in London, the business has moved to larger premises in Buckinghamshire.

There’s no added sugar in Tims yogurt. The sharp flavour and creamy consistency comes from the natural fermentation process after the live cultures, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium are added.

As well as their Greek-style bio-live natural yogurt, all Tims Dairy products use only 100 per cent British milk from high-welfare farms. All the farms are assessed by the National Assured Dairy Scheme and are audited every 18 months to ensure that their quality and practices continue to meet the scheme’s high standards.

What the judges said:
The judges were impressed with this family business, praising their long-term commitment to the industry and participation in local charity events.

Visit the website:Tims Dairy

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