What to do with leftover stilton

Stilton is the star of the Christmas cheeseboard, but it’s hard to judge the quantity you need for a crowd. Emily Gussin shares some delicious ideas to use up leftover stilton from Christmas…

What to do with leftover stilton

Store it right

Keep your stilton in as large chunks as possible for the longest shelf-life. All cheese needs to breathe, so don’t be tempted to wrap it in cling film (the delicious. kitchen is cling film free, so yours can be too). Wax paper, beeswax wraps or kitchen foil are better at stopping the cheese drying out and won’t cause a layer of moisture that encourages surface mould. If you have a dairy or veg drawer in your fridge, pop the cheese in there too; if not, a cardboard box in the fridge works fine. Kept well, stilton should last in the fridge for a couple of weeks after opening. Bring it to room temperature a few hours before putting on a cheeseboard (don’t bother if you’re using it in cooking).

Get baking

Savoury scones, tarts and quiches are all improved with a crumbled hunk of stilton – or add it to something more tricky, like a soufflé or gougères.


Just a sprinkle

Crumbs left on the cheeseboard are perfect for adding the finishing touch to any number of dishes. Scrape into an airtight container and keep in the fridge, ready to scatter over pasta, eggs, soup, risottos and more.

Perfect partner

Blue cheese’s musty, tangy flavour pairs beautifully with the sweet earthiness of winter vegetables. Whether you’re having a butternut squash pasta, roast potatoes or parsnips, or a celeriac gratin, a little crumbled leftover stilton is a welcome addition.


Into the blue

Stir crumbled blue cheese into soured cream, then add a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a crushed garlic clove and a little cider vinegar for a creamy blue cheese dip. Use it to add oomph to your Christmas sandwiches, or as a dip for party canapés, crisps and cheese straws.

Cheese gougeres

Take a look at our Christmas leftovers recipes for more inspiration.

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