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Jay Rayner on food memories, mortality and jazz: listen now

In this week’s podcast, I catch up with food writer and critic Jay Rayner to discuss the themes from his latest book My Last Supper.

We also chat about his award-winning career as a food critic, or as Jay puts it, a “restaurant critic” and we touch upon the ways in which passions such as music as well as decadence play a huge part in the dining-out experience.

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Jay Rayner on food memories, mortality and jazz: listen now

Jay’s latest book, My Last Supper looks at our obsession with decadence and the question of mortality. Imagine you suddenly find yourself on death row, have you ever thought about what your last meal might be?

When first posed with this question, Jay’s response was that he probably wouldn’t be able to stomach a meal, given the circumstances! But after dissecting the question, he started to think about the self-indulgent side of things. Because of course, what is a last supper if not entirely decadent? My Last Supper therefore sets him out on a journey to find the meal which ends all meals.

With Jay’s food writing career spanning decades, he also shares some interesting insights into his world as a food writer and how one might set foot into this line of work. He describes himself as a “restaurant critic” not a food critic and insists that the key to writing about food is to look at it as any other form of journalism. You have to ask yourself… What is the story here? 

Listen here:

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