What’s the one food you’re eating at midnight?

What’s the one food you’re eating at midnight?

Forget breakfast, lunch and dinner – the most pleasurable re-fuelling comes from gorging in the time between, the time where meals don’t get the honour of being named.

We’ve all been there – whether it’s stumbling in blurry-eyed from the pub with a one-track mind for a spoonful of Nutella or simply an indulgent pre-bedtime snack; it’s impossible to get that one food out of your head. Be it a grilled cheese sandwich or the demolishing of a family-size bag of crisps (or in Raymond Blanc’s case a casual smoked salmon omelette.) – we’ve compiled a list of peoples go-to foods in the wee hours of the morning.

What’s the most popular? Well, despite the risk of nightmares, cheese seems to be the repeat offender.

The delicious. team

  • Editor Karen Barnes: After a night out? Rice crispies with lots of milk.
  • Deputy editor Susan low: Crisps. Lots of crisps.
  • Editorial assistant Daisy Meager: Buttered crumpets with a sprinkling of salt for the ultimate comfort food midnight snack… or my guilty pleasure – a bowl of Crunchy Nut cornflakes and milk.
  • Food editor Rebecca Woollard: Cheese. No matter how late it gets into an evening, or how much people say they couldn’t eat it, if someone brings a cheeseboard out it will be demolished. Maybe quickly, maybe slowly, but if there’s been wine involved in the lead-up, you can put money on it being scraped clean.
  • Deputy food editor Lottie Covell: Fish finger sandwich.
  • Acting food writer Monique Lane: Any type of bread and cheese combination.
  • Acting art director Mark Taylor: Cold milk and a white chocolate cookie.
  • Art editor Martine Tinney: I’m usually sound asleep but if I had to eat at midnight it would be crisps.
  • Managing editor Les Dunn:  Toast after the pub: marmite for a starter, peanut butter for pudding. It’s quick and it does the job.
  • Deputy chief sub editor Hugh Thompson: Er, if I’m not sleeping, maybe bananas, they help me sleep.
  • Senior sub editor Rebecca Almond: Peanut butter  – smooth… on a spoon… straight from the jar.
  • Web producer Rebecca Brett: Tea and hobnobs. Dunked, of course.
  • Promotions and marketing executive Hannah Sherwood: Hot cheesy pizza.
  • Digital and social media assistant Kathleen Silverfield: Nachos with jalapeños and sour cream… and a cheddar cheese sauce.
  • Digital and social media intern Sophie Richardson: Spicy sausage pasta.


Our extended delicious. family favourites

  • Raymond Blanc: It depends on how hungry, sometimes a simple smoked salmon omelette.
  • Dan Doherty: Toasted pita bread with peanut butter.
  • Sabrina Ghayour:  Cheese. Against my better judgement and potential threat of nightmares, it’s what I crave the most at the midnight hour.
  • Diana Henry:  Dark chocolate with hazelnuts.


Our delicious. fans’ favourites

  • @brambleberryj: my own sea salted caramel sauce directly from the fridge with a teaspoon.
  • @QamaLlama: cheesecake!
  • @BethTw: Mezze! Koftes, Cacik, patates riganates, honey and sesame halloumi, Greek salad and prawn saganaki. Oh and hummus!
  • @KatStorrSky: Most likely cheese. No weird dreams for me!
  • @IamTootoomoo: Definitely our delicious gyozas. Healthy late night treat.
  • @EtaKatetaKate: Fried cheese. Or hummus.
  • @Maryka_69605: PIZZA!!!
  • @jiholland111: Leftover homemade mincemeat fudge!


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