The scone debate: jam first or cream first?

The scone debate: jam first or cream first?

Oh yeah, we went there.

Cream tea, which originated in the south-west of England, has caused quite the rift between the Devonians and the Cornish. It hasn’t anything to do with the flavours or even the type of ingredients used — nay — it all has to do with the construction of the scone, jam and clotted cream.

Those from Devon traditionally put the cream on the scone first then the jam, while the Cornish prefer the jam first then the cream. Some argue it’s because of tradition, some say it’s because of taste while others think the ‘wrong way’ is downright illegal. Seriously — we found a Facebook page petitioning to make ‘jam first’ illegal.

So let’s settle this debate once and for all – what’ll it be?

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  1. I’m from Devon where cream teas are a tradition. It has to be cream first. You wouldn’t out butter on top of jam would you, so why do it with cream!?

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