12 best new gins to try this summer

What better way to enjoy summer than with a crisp G&T in hand? Light, refreshing and full of flavour, there’s nothing quite like sipping gin in the sunshine. But with so many newbies and flavour-infusions to choose from, it’s hard to decide which to invest in for the longer days and warmer weather.

From sharp citrussy notes, to punchy peach aromas, we’ve tried, tested and picked out the best new gins to refresh with this summer…

12 best new gins to try this summer

Eight Lands Organic Speyside gin

The new Speyside gin from Eight Lands Organic is a super-fresh tipple for summer. Launched in September 2019 in the Speyside region of Scotland, famous for its production of whisky, this is a sprightly, citrusy stand-out gin. Eight Lands’ spirits are made using botanicals that have been grown naturally on their estate, as well as Scottish spring water. The organic ingredients include locally-foraged wood sorrel and cowberries, which compliment the juniper and citrus base. We loved it in a simple gin and tonic, but it’s so refreshing that it can also be enjoyed neatly on ice. Available from Eight Lands (£39 for 700ml).

LoneWolf peach and passionfruit gin

If you’re looking for a pink gin that isn’t a sugar overload, this newbie from LoneWolf by Brewdog would be our top suggestion for you. The white peach and passionfruit bring a refreshing, summery flavour, and the classic juniper note holds everything together. Who’d have thought a gin from Aberdeen would bring such flavours of the tropics? It turns out stone fruit and juniper are a match made in heaven. We enjoyed it simply paired with light tonic and a slice of peach or orange. Available from BrewDog (£25 for 700ml).

Hayman’s peach and rose cup gin

This London-based distiller, known for its signature London Dry, is a fifth generation family-owned business offering exceptionally smooth spirits. Their latest peach and rose cup batch combines classic London Dry Gin with notes of fresh peaches, sweet fragrant rose and juicy orchard fruit. The team at Hayman’s recommend serving with lemonade and fresh fruit to garnish but, we also loved this one simply with tonic water and a slice of fresh peach too. Available from Hayman’s Gin (£24 for 700ml).

M&S blackberry & elderflower gin

Enjoy the taste of summer with the new range of fruity gin liqueurs from M&S, inspired by the best of British summertime ingredients. Once the sun pops out, it’s the perfect time to try their blackberry and elderflower gin alongside a handful of ice, a splash of lemonade or tonic and a garnish of fresh blackberries for a sweet take on the Bramble cocktail. Available from Marks & Spencer (£12 for 700ml).

Sipsmith strawberry smash gin

It doesn’t get more iconically British than sipping on a gin and tonic whilst watching Wimbledon. Modern gin brand Sipsmith have distilled their London dry gin with the 2020 harvest of strawberries from the exclusive grower of strawberries for Wimbledon Tennis Championships. And with a touch of English mint too, this is a truly British tipple for summer. Best served with tonic water, fresh mint and a slice of strawberry to drink, or mix a shot of this spirit into chantilly cream and serve with strawberries and meringue for a decadent dessert. Available from Sipsmith (£29 for 700ml).

Mirabeau rose dry gin

Maison Mirabeau, most famously recognised for their delectably pale rosé wine, have released their first rosé gin. Similarly pale pink in colour, this gin is a 100% grape-based neutral spirit enhanced with notes of lemon, coriander, orris and angelica roots, rose petals, lavender, jasmine, bay, thyme and rosemary. Each ingredient is subtle, yet present, giving this an elegantly earthy flavour. Try serving with your favourite tonic water and a sprig of rosemary to bring out the herby aromas or mix with a dry vermouth for the perfect martini. Available from Waitrose (£35 for 700ml).

Green citrus gin (produced for That Boutique-y Gin Company)

All the way from Mallorca, this gin uses green oranges – yes, green – along with mandarin leaves and a selection of familiar botanicals to create a distinctly sweet and bitter flavour. It would be hard, and possibly too mouth-puckering, to find a more citrussy gin than this. If you love orange and lemon zest flavours, give this Mallorcan gin a swirl in your glass. Available from Master of Malt (£34.95 for 500ml).

Green Citrus Gin

Bluecoat American gin

The Bluecoat American dry gin is slightly smoother than a classic London dry gin but comes with a blast of sherbet lemon and orange blossom flavours, meaning it’s likely to appeal to those with a sweeter tooth. It’s distilled in copper, in Philadelphia and comes in a beautiful bright cobalt blue bottle. Available from Master of Malt (£31.95 for 700ml).


FEW American Gin

Whiskey or gin? No need to choose, as this gin has a base spirit of white whiskey, or in other words, unaged bourbon. Distilled in Evanston, United States, FEW American gin comes from a city that suffered Prohibition for over a hundred years. The whiskey, vanilla-ish flavour becomes more distinctive the more you drink. We think this gin is guaranteed to divide opinions if you have gin purists in the house… Available from Master of Malt (£44.95 for 700ml).


Named after a street in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay,  you can enjoy this gin’s name for its similarity to a familiar Western profanity. The botanicals are shipped to a UK distillery from Hong Kong. A new premium craft gin, it offers a far more subtle, classic and fairly floral flavour than you might expect from its name. Available from Fok Hing Gin (£38 for 700ml).

Conker gin

Conker’s Dorset dry gin is made in Bournemouth from local wheat, and is a refreshing gin in the London dry style. Elderberries and juniper are prominent, with subtle notes of the region’s golden gorse flowers. The gin has a long finish, and makes a classic and bright G&T with a slice of lemon. Available from Ocado (£35 for 700ml).

Bombay Sapphire Sunset Edition

Inspired by the golden orange glow of a setting sunset, this exclusive Sunset Edition of much-loved Bombay Sapphire gin is infused with flavours of Indian white cardamom, bittersweet sun-dried Mandarin peel and spiced with turmeric. Perfect for pairing with your favourite tonic water and garnishing with orange peel for a refreshing, summer spritz at sunset. Available from Asda (£22 for 700ml).

Malfy Gin con Limone

This Malfy Con Limone gin is crammed with zesty flavour from Italian lemons and Amalfi lemon peel. Finish with a slice of lemon or curl of lemon zest to get the fullest of citrus hits. MALFY also offer rose, orange and classic gins. Available from Amazon (£25 for 700ml).

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