5 classic cocktails to make at home

Want to bring some sparkle to a party, or frankly, just a midweek night? Well, WHY NOT we say. Here’s our list of five classic cocktails to know, and hopefully, to love.

Make sure you have plenty of good ice at home, too – larger is usually better than crushed, as it’ll keep your drink colder for longer, and won’t melt as quickly.

5 classic cocktails to make at home

1 Negroni

Like most classic cocktails, a classic negroni needs only a handful of ingredients – gin, vermouth and Campari. Serve with an ample side of olives.

2 Cosmopolitan

A proper ‘cosmo’ should be bright, punchy and served in a martini glass. So, make like an extra in Sex and the city, and serve up a classic cosmopolitan, with vodka, triple sec and cranberry.

3 Hugo

Well, hello Hugo. We think this cocktail should get more love – it’s a refreshing blend of prosecco, elderflower and gin, best served long over ice – and one of the most popular cocktail recipes on this site.

4 Margarita

Where would we be without a classic margarita cocktail recipe? It’s a mix of just three ingredients again: tequila, orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier, and a good squeeze of fresh lime.

5 Manhattan

Dark, sophisticated…a classic Manhattan is a bourbon-based cocktail, with red vermouth and bitters, finished with a maraschino cherry and slice of orange zest.

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