How to peel and chop a tomato

The classic technique to perfect for any level of prepping, from finely chopping dice to roughly chopping tomatoes to add to sauces.

How to peel and chop a tomato
  1. You’ll need ripe but still firm tomatoes. Discard the green stems, then use a small sharp knife to cut out the eye of the tomato (where the stalk meets the fruit). Make a cross in the skin at the base of the tomato. Drop the tomatoes in to a bowl of jus-boiled water and leave for around 30 seconds to loosen the skins-don’t leave them in too long as the flesh will go mushy.


  2. Using a small knife to help you, gently pull off the skins. They should come away easily- if not, submerge the tomatoes in the water for another 20-30 seconds.


  3. Slice the tomato in half, cutting through the eye.


  4. Use a teaspoon to scoop out the seeds. Discard the seeds.


  5. Slice each tomato shell into fat or thin strips lengthways, then into dice or chunks.




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