How to skin and pin bone fresh salmon

This simple method to prepare a whole salmon fillet will ensure a neat finish with minimal flesh waste.

How to skin and pin bone fresh salmon

1. Put the fillet on 
a chopping board, 
skin-side down. Dip the fingers of your non-knife hand into salt to improve your grip when removing the salmon skin.


2. Using a sharp knife, make an incision at the tail end of the fillet, as close to the skin as possible.


3. Grasp the skin with your salted fingers, then use your knife 
to slice at an angle 
all the way up the fillet, keeping the blade close to the skin as you go.


4. Once you’ve removed the skin, run your fingers along the middle of the fillet, feeling for any pin bones. Remove with 
kitchen tweezers or long-nose pliers.




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