Misspelt and misunderstood, kohlrabi has long been the underdog in the vegetable world. And we’ve been missing out because this member of the cabbage family has a lovely subtle flavour – somewhere between potato and swede – and an appealing tenderness when cooked.


But it certainly won’t be winning any beauty contests. With its smallish bulb and big bushy leaves, it’s a bit like a giant green shuttlecock.


Buy the younger, smaller type if you can, as kohlrabis become woodier with age – the size of a cricket ball is ideal. Use raw in coleslaw, in Thai curries or braised with carrots as a side dish.

In season between July and November.

Kohlrabi recipes:

Kohlrabi, cabbage and apple slaw

Kohlrabi, savoy cabbage and lamb bake

Kohlrabi and sweet potato rösti with maple bacon and lime avocado



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