Where to buy macaroons in London

Also known as a macaron and French macaroon, these colourful meringue-based almond treats have stolen the cupcake’s crown as our indulgence of choice. Here are the best places for macaroons in London.

Where to buy macaroons in London

La Maison du Chocolat

T: 020 72878500 E: customer@lamaisonduchocolat.co.uk

45-46 Piccadilly, London, W1

La Maison du Chocolat sell both chocolates and pastries worldwide in boutique chocolate shops, and fortunately for us do an all-chocolate-based range of macaroons. Ganache is at the heart of La Maison du Chocolat and the chocolate cream filling of the macaroon fillings are often enhanced with other flavours commonly used in truffles. The range includes Quito (chocolate macaroon filled with ganache), Guayaquil (vanilla macaroon filled with a vanilla-infused ganache), Romeo (coffee macaroon filled with an Arabica coffee-infused ganache), Salvador (raspberry macaroon filled with fresh raspberry-infused ganache) and Rigoletto (caramel macaroon filled with salted caramel ganache).

Ladurée at Harrods

T: 0203 155 0111 E: salesuk@laduree.com

Brompton Road, London, SW1

The British craze for macaroons and their rise to domination arguably began at the Ladurée tearoom in Harrods a few years ago. With twelve Parisian tea salons around the world, Ladurée at Harrods is their newest tearoom and the perfect indulgent setting to enjoy a macaroon or two. Permanent flavours include vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, rose, raspberry, coffee, salted caramel, liquorice and orange blossom. They also have seasonal flavours including passion fruit and dark chocolate, raspberry, dark chocolate and lime, and dark chocolate for Easter. 


Pierre Hermé

T: 020 7245 0317 E: connect@selfridges.co.uk

13 Lowndes St, London SW1X 9EX

Chef Pâtissier Pierre Hermé has a lifelong relationship with the macaroon starting in the mid 1970s and has produced a selection of macaroons for the Selfridges boutique including Rose, Pistachio, Chuao (dark chocolate and blackcurrant with blackcurrant berries), Medelice (lemon and hazelnut praline), Coing (quince), Mogador (milk chocolate and passion fruit) and Imagine (matcha green tea and sesame nougatine).  


T: 0207 491 8957 E: rdewan@paul-uk.com

22 patisseries across London / 277-278 Regent Street, W1

PAUL, the French family bakery and patisseries, started as a small family bakery near Lille in 1889. They now have bakeries worldwide 2000 opened a shop in Covent Garden, and have gone on to open over 20 in the capital. No French bakery would be complete without macaroons and PAUL’s best-loved treats come in two sizes and six different flavours. Their soft Valencia almond biscuits are sandwiched with smooth butter cream filling; while the mini macaroons come in bags of 12 and include chocolate, coffee, vanilla, pistachio, raspberry and lemon flavours. 



T: 0207 494 8888 E: reservations@yauatcha.com

15-17 Broadwick Street, Soho, London, W1

The Michelin-starred Yauatcha in Soho specializes in dim sum but has been making waves selling a selection of Asian-inspired macaroons. Created in 2004 by Alan Yau, the tea-house-restaurant was a new venture following his Japanese fast food Wagamamas and Busaba Eathai Thai restaurant chains. The combination of dim sum, macaroons, cocktails and tea has Yauatcha packed to the rafters day and night. There’s a whole range of macaroon flavours including hazelnut, passion fruit, milk chocolate, yuzu chocolate, blackcurrant, earl grey, coconut, raspberry and lemon. 

Learn how to make macaroons at…

L’atelier des Chefs

T: 020 7499 6580 E: info@atelierdeschefs.co.uk

19 Wigmore Street, London, W1

We highly recommend the L’atelier des Chefs two hour ‘Marvellous macaroons’ class that runs on Saturdays from 15:00-17:00 for £72, and one mid-week class a month. Recipes include the classic macaroon with salted butter caramel, vanilla and praline macaroon, chocolate macaroons with honeyed ganache and raspberry and rose macaroons. Keep an eye on the website as classes sell out very quickly.


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November 12

This list is not good. Although Paul and Laudree are owed by the same people, Paul does not belong on this list. The best macarons in town are made by Anges de Sucre. Their store is in Kensington and they sell online at www.angesdesucre.com. Unlike most independents that come and go, they have beautiful gift packaging. They also just launched Muffles in store...a whole new world.


September 24

There are more options for getting great macarons now. Many of the big shops will have great macarons, but you can find that the smaller can offer even better quality. There is a new bakery in North London, Macarons by Babette (www.macarons-by-babette.com) that have some macarons that I find better than most I have tried. And they are really picky with how they look too (some shops have macarons that suggest there is no quality control at all!) Try them out!


April 22

Outside of London, The Mighty Macaron (www.themightymacaron.com) posts macarons in the UK and around the world from Manchester. They have 12 flavors including candied bacon, lavender and chocolate orange. A box of 6 is £6.


April 9

There is also Ganache Macaron which makes delicious macarons and macaron structures: http://www.ganache-macaron.co.uk/gallery.html. They also give macaron classes at the Southbank centre which I attended a few months ago with bubblies and canapés! Yum yum!


February 23

There is a fantastic company called Ohlala-Macarons which runs macaron and martini making classes. they are so much fun. I went to one for a friend's hen party, but you can also book in for their mixed classes. The salted caramel macarons I learnt to make are so delicious! Check them out ohlala-macarons.com


December 17

You have try Anges de Sucre. You have to. Simply superb.


February 27

The little macaron shop in Liverpool accept online orders. They also deliver in the Liverpool area. They have 19 flavours to choose from and large macarons only cost 95p Take a look at their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/The-little-macaron-shop/213621125401410?sk=info or email: thelittlemacaronshop@googlemail.com


February 16

You don't have to go to London for these delicious treats! I bake and sell macarons from my home in rural Bucks and supply parties, weddings and gifts. Huge variety of flavours including pistachio, raspberry, home-made praline and salted butter caramel. lovemacarons.co.uk


February 13

I am a macaron maker. Just starting up in the north of England. A very small outfit home bakery.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-Mine-Patisserie/225359774224720 I'll be up and running really soon and I am already getting advanced orders. I am certainly not competing with London prices!


March 19

For all Scottish requirements, you can try macarons from L'escargot Epicerie on Broughton Street, Edinburgh. They come from Marc Verdant and are a must ....


April 1

These macaroons look delicious but you don't have to go to London for the best macaroons I have ever tasted ! Go to www.delicesdeparis.co.uk and you'll find the best handmade macaroons for only a £1.00 each !!

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