Foodie gift ideas for Father’s Day 2023

Forget slippers or, worse, a tie… you can do better than that! Get your pops something he really wants this Father’s Day, whether his love is for coffee, cocktails or tinned fish.

If he’s a budding chef or a katsu connoisseur, our foodie-themed Father’s Day gift guide for 2023 will leave you feeling inspired.

Foodie gift ideas for Father’s Day 2023

Guinness Nitrosurge

The hype is real, folks. The hottest gadget of the year can fit in one hand: this nifty device uses ultrasonic technology to create the iconic Guinness surge with perfectly formed nitrogen bubbles. This is the closest you’ll get to a freshly-pulled cold pint of Guinness…at home! Dad’ll go wild for this one, trust us. Available exclusively from Tesco (£30).


Sage the Toast Select Luxe toaster

Toast is a universal favourite, and now you can gift your Dad a toaster so efficient he’ll struggle not to use it every day. The Toast Select Luxe toaster from Sage is available in a host of gorgeous colours, from red velvet cake to damson blue, but it’s not just a pretty gadget. Crucially it offers a host of handy settings, with options for bagels, crumpets, white, rye and brown toast, there is also a button which enables your Dad to take ‘A Quick Look’ at the bread, to check it’s browned to his desired tone, and the ‘A Bit More’ button gives it exactly what you’d expect: a little more bronzing. There’s an LED countdown indicator which gives you an idea of how long until the toast is ready, too, for the impatient breakfast-wanter. What more do you want from a toaster? Available from Sage (£119)

Sage toaster

Citizens of Soil olive oil

Now listen carefully: getting your hands on a bottle of good-quality olive oil can be as exciting as receiving a great bottle of wine. Especially for someone who loves to cook. If your dad spends time and money on top ingredients for his dishes, make sure he cooks with the very best oil too. Citizens of Soil champion small-scale producers, paying them above-market prices, straight into their pockets.  Their award-winning products are top quality and full of flavour, plus there are refillable options too. Available from Waitrose and Citizens of Soil (£17.50).

Citizens of Soil

Allday Goods chef’s knife

Anything made with recycled materials by independent British craftsmen is a win in our eyes; even more so when we’re talking about the most used tool in the kitchen. Designed by a former chef, this knife is made from Sheffield steel, with recycled plastic handles in a variety of colours (there’s even a fruit pastel version). It makes light work of chopping and will last a lifetime if looked after correctly. The price tag reflects the skill in the making. Well worth the investment. Available from Allday Goods (£120).

Chef's knife

Tayēr + Elementary banana peel old fashioned bottled cocktail

Bottled cocktails have reached new heights over the last few years, driven largely by the rise of the at-home bartender in lockdown. But this one from cocktail bar Tayēr + Elementary is really a cut above, with discarded banana rum (think malt bread and toffee flavours), combined with aquavit, citrus and sandalwood to balance sweetness. The drink contains 4 serves for £30, not a bargain drink but then mixologist made cocktails delivered to your door shouldn’t be. Available from Tayēr + Elementary (£30).

People's Captain

Selfridge’s katsu ketchup

The range of new condiments from Selfridges is bursting at the seams with tasty items in gorgeous packaging. If your dad loves a good ketchup, this Katsu version is an ace find for barbecue season or for enjoying alongside tempura, breaded schnitzels or eggs. We also can’t resist the beautiful Combini onsen hot sauce as its partner, which carries a kick from ginger and garlic. Available from Selfridges (£7.99).

Pump St

Le Creuset oil and vinegar set

Le Creuset are known for their cast iron casseroles but the brand make brilliant products at lower price points too, like this oil and vinegar set, which makes dressing salads a joy. We love the azure stoneware set which includes stainless steel nozzles for precise pouring, and it will be with your dad for a lifetime as it’s truly made to last. Available from Le Creuset (£40).

Salt and pepper mill

Blood Monkey gin
We don’t know about you, but we are very much over the ‘whisky is for blokes, gin is for women’ schtick that’s been used in booze marketing until kingdom come. This Irish gin from Blood Monkey is glorious to sip neat as it’s extremely fresh. Botanicals are lime leaf, rosemary, almond, and of course, the all-important juniper, and its slick black bottle means anyone who catches sight of it will be intrigued. But hands-off, because this is for dad. Available from Master of Malt (£37.50).

Blood Monkey gin

Beanz by Sage coffee subscription

For coffee-swilling dads, Sage, known for its high-end coffee machines and other shiny gadgets, has launched a coffee subscription service through Beanz in conjunction with 20 speciality coffee roasters such as Has Bean, Old Spike and Darkwoods. Choose from chocolatey, caramel or fruity flavour profiles, in whole beans or freshly ground, and have them delivered to your dad every one, two, three or four weeks – or as a one-off. From £8 for a 250g bag, from Beanz.


Angelachu striped red mullet

Tinned fish is in vogue with young and old alike – its appearance on Tiktok is evidence of that. Whatever your dad’s favourite fish, chances are The Tinned Fish Market have a canned version. We don’t know a Dad who wouldn’t be excited by the Angelachu striped red mullet. Big things come in small packages, don’t you forget it. Canning fish doesn’t just offer the benefit of preservation, the process can also be used to impart flavours on to the fish and here the mullet is packed in a red-tinged fruity olive oil. If close to £25 is a little too eye-watering a price for a tin of fish for you, there are umpteen other cans available from £4.20 a tin, and all offer something delicious inside. Available from Tinned Fish Market (£24.80).


A sturdily good Peugeot pepper mill
The heft of this pepper mill is solid: a robust bit of kit. And it grinds brilliantly. So far, exactly what you’d expect from a Peugeot grinder. Now for the clever bit: the cavity containing the peppercorns is a detachable jar with separate lid, so you can swap other peppercorns in and out – white, pink, black… any pepper you fancy. Available from Divertimenti (£54.99).


Sausage Press Sandwiches guide
Does your dad love a sandwich? The new sandwich guide from Sausage Press (behind previous guides to the full English breakfast and natural wine) have released this cracking pocket summary of London’s best sandwiches. Give it to your dad and then take him to each location throughout the year. From Café Kitsuné’s fluffy egg sandos, to Paul Rothe & Son’s smoked salmon on rye or Max’s Sandwich Shop’s ‘ham egg ‘n’ chips’ in focaccia – featuring ham hock, fried egg, piccalilli and shoestring fries – these are memorable sarnies indeed. Available from Sausage Press (£7.49).


Banhoek chilli oil

Fans of heat will enjoy Banhoek chilli oil, which is made with sun-ripened bird’s eye chillies and carries just the right level of heat. Produced in small batches in South Africa’s Western Cape winelands, it delivers a balanced flavour with the help of canola oil which doesn’t overpower the chilli’s natural flavour. Your dad can enjoy it on all manner of things, from eggs or pasta to fried rice, pizza or noodles. Available from Banhoek, (£8.50).

Chilli oil

Colston Bassett cheeses

The king of blue cheese, Colston Bassett stilton has a world class reputation and its tangy, sharpness is complimented by a buttery smooth texture which is almost spreadable. Its brother, shropshire blue is an easy eating option, with a sweet creamy flavour with no bitterness. Gift the cheese with some crackers and a bottle of something to drink, and you have an ideal cheese gift for your dad that won’t break the bank. Available from Neal’s Yard Dairy (from £9.45 plus delivery).


ProQ Flatdog barbecue
This portable, collapsible barbecue from ProQ is ideal for dads who like to camp, hike or grill outdoors. It’s slim enough to fit in the most awkward of spaces when travelling, but large enough to grill for a family of four (at 30cm x 38cm there is ample space to cook). We love the compact simplicity of the grill, and were impressed with the ease of set-up (literally a minute). It’s much better for the environment than buying disposable barbecues too and, with proper care, it should last a lifetime. Available from ProQ Smokers (£89.99).

ProQ flatdog

Instant Vortex Slim Air Fryer

Some dads may like gadgets, others may be sceptical of new things they don’t need taking up valuable space on the kitchen counter. But the truth is an air fryer is a life changing kitchen companion. Making life simpler and leccy bills cheaper, this slim line air fryer from Instant is a whopping 5.7 litres and can roast 1.3kg chicken or enough potatoes to feed a family with glorious results. If your dad is a fan of sausages, cooking them in this WILL blow his mind, but it’s also brilliant for vegetables like peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and even quiches and pies. Think of it as a mini oven, and club together with family for this really great Father’s Day pressie. Available from Amazon (£100).

Air fryer

AKER English Dry aperitif

Vermouth is a drink that often gets overlooked, but this blend of Chapel Down’s Bacchus wine with a compice pear eau de vie makes for a juicy aperitif that deserves to be drunk neat. If your dad is a fan of fortified wines, this with its pear and elderflower notes is perfect for sipping in front of the TV, out in the garden or with a cheese board now that summer is officially here. Available from AKER (£35).

AKER dry

Or what about some booze?

Booze is always a safe bet, especially if you’ve left gift buying until last minute. Click here to see the finest boozy gifts.

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