How to roll and tie a pork loin

Want to learn to roll and tie a pork loin? Try this method the next time you have roast pork. It’s easy with our step-by-step guide and bound to impress your dinner guests.

How to roll and tie a pork loin
  1. Roll up the pork loin around its stuffing and put it, skin-side up, on a chopping board. Run a roll of string under the far end of the pork with the roll (or long end) in your left hand and the cut end in your right hand.


  2. Loop the cut end clockwise around the long end.


  3. Bring the short end over itself towards you, creating a loop around your finger, then pass it under the long end. Bring the short end back over the long end, then push it through the loop.


  4. Pull the short end to form a knot. Pull on the long end to tighten the loop round the joint.


  5. Unroll a loop of string, then with your right hand, twist it 180 degrees clockwise into a noose. Slip this under the loin and pull it tight so it sits 2-3cm below the first loop.


  6. Repeat the loops down the length of the pork loin, keeping the knots in the centre.


  7. Turn the joint over. Unroll the string to 1½ times the length of the joint, then cut. Run the string around each existing loop until you reach the end.


  8. Turn the joint over, tie the ends of the string, then trim neatly.


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