Sticky chilli and mint pineapple

Sticky chilli and mint pineapple
  • Serves icon Serves 6
  • Time icon Takes 15 minutes to make, plus macerating

This pineapple dessert recipe adds chilli and finely chopped mint for a unique twist.


  • 1 large, ripe pineapple
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 50ml rum or water
  • 1 red chilli
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh mint


  1. Peel, core and cut the pineapple into chunks. Sprinkle with a little caster sugar and set aside.
  2. In a pan, heat the caster sugar with the rum or water and the red chilli, finely chopped, until sticky, then add the chopped fresh mint.
  3. Heat a griddle pan and cook the pineapple, in batches, for 1-2 minutes on each side until slightly caramelised.
  4. Place in a bowl, pour over the syrup and leave to macerate until ready to serve.


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