What is tabbouleh? It’s a Middle Eastern dish, usually packed full of gorgeous colour and vibrant flavours, and made with bulgar wheat.

Find out how to make your salad sing, and see our recipes to try.


If there’s one thing we can agree on, a tabbouleh recipe needs to be really fresh and herby. It’s ideal served as a side dish, or as part of a platter. To help create a meal, you could think about dishes containing halloumi or lamb.

Lemon juice and olive oil also tend to feature, as well as plenty of flatleaf parsley.

Tabbouleh recipes:

This is a classic benchmark tabbouleh salad, with a handful of parsley, and mint for an extra perk.

Broccoli and carrot tabbouleh – this is actually a gluten-free tabbouleh, as it uses quinoa instead of bulgar wheat.

If you give this cucumber and mint tabbouleh with minted labneh a try, you’ll also find out how to make your own labneh, which is a type of soft cheese.

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