What to do with leftover barley malt syrup/extract

Barley malt syrup/extract is made from germinated barley grains, which are boiled to release their sugars, then concentrated into a treacly paste. Find out how you can use leftover barley malt syrup/extract here.

What to do with leftover barley malt syrup/extract

Recipes with barley malt syrup/extract

How to use up leftover barley malt syrup/extract

  • Glazed onions
    Cut 4 onions into thin wedges, then fry in a large knob of melted butter until soft. Add 1 tbsp malt syrup and a small handful of fresh thyme leaves, then cook until caramelised. Season well, then serve with pork and mash.
  • Bread glaze
    Add a splash of malt syrup to an egg glaze for a conker-like finish. Great for pretzels.

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