What to do with leftover fish and chips

Unlike curry, or even Chinese food, fish and chips aren’t very nice when taken into work the next day for lunch and reheated  in the office microwave. So, just in case you over order at the chip shop, here’s what to do with any fish and chips you can’t quite polish off.

What to do with leftover fish and chips

A few weeks ago fate threw me a challenge when I over-ordered (or more accurately my daughter under-ate, and to be fair, it was an adult portion) at the chip shop. I didn’t want to throw them out, but what can you actually do with cold fish and chips?

I posed the question on Twitter.

And although this was an option…
fish and chip tweet

It was this that actually caught my eye.

make fishcakes

Rather than make fishcakes however, I opted for croquettes, as these seemed easier to shape in my massive hands. I had to add a little milk to the potato mix, just to thin it out a bit, then it was time to coat in breadcrumbs.

Chop up the cold fish and chips

Blitz in a food processor or with a hand blender

Unfortunately we didn’t have any eggs in the house, so I had to quickly bathe each croquette in a little more of the milk, then quickly roll in the panko breadcrumbs. Next they were dropped into a small saucepan of vegetable oil for a quick fry.

Shape and coat in breadcrumbs

Fry in oil

Serve with an extra sachet of tartare sauce you snaffled from the chippy the day before

They were actually rather nice, like a sort of fish and chip supper compressed and redone. ‘What to do with leftover fish and chips?’, now you know.

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