Irish coffee with Baileys cream

Irish coffee with Baileys cream
  • Serves icon Serves 4
  • Time icon Ready in 20 minutes

This Irish coffee recipe uses Baileys, and puts a modern twist on a classic dessert drink. It has rich aromas of vanilla balancing the bite of quality Irish whiskey…


  • 142ml carton double cream
  • Seeds of 1 vanilla pod
  • 2 tbsp Baileys Irish Cream
  • Freshly made-up coffee
  • 4 measures Irish whiskey
  • 4 tsp dark muscovado sugar


  1. Whip the cream with the sugar, vanilla seeds and Baileys, until thick but not stiff.
  2. Put a metal teaspoon into each serving glass and fill with boiling water. Leave for a few minutes to warm the glasses. Make up the fresh coffee.
  3. Pour away the water and add a measure of Irish whiskey and 1 teaspoon dark muscovado sugar to each glass. Fill just over three-quarters full with the coffee and stir. Spoon the cream over the back of another spoon straight onto the hot coffee to give a thick layer.


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