Potato farls

Potato farls
  • Serves icon Makes 4
  • Time icon Hands-on time 10 minutes, cook time 8 minutes

Irish potato bread (or potato farls) are the star of the famous Irish breakfast and makes a great accompaniment to many meals, Irish or otherwise.

This recipe, taken from Baking School: The Bread Ahead Cookbook, is incredibly simple and as quick and easy (and flavourfully rewarding) as they come.


  • 125g boiled potatoes (made with about 200g potatoes such as Maris Piper)
  • 15g unsalted butter, melted
  • fine sea salt and ground white pepper, to taste
  • 50g plain flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons sliced red onion (about 1 small onion)
  • 2 spring onions, finely sliced (including the green stalks)


  1. If cooking in the oven (as opposed to on the hob), preheat it to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6.
  2. Mash the potatoes with the melted butter and season to taste (we go quite heavy on the seasoning). Add the flour, baking powder, red onion and  spring onions and mix together until well incorporated.
  3. Push your potato dough down to form a disc about 12cm across, then cut the disc into 4 pieces. Place them in a hot, dry ovenproof pan (no oil or butter) for 4 minutes, then carefully turn them over and cook for an additional 4 minutes – you can do this on the hob or in the oven. (If cooking on the hob, be careful they don’t burn).
  4. Take out of the pan or oven and serve with your fry-up!


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