What to do with leftover crystallised ginger

Crystallised ginger, also known as candied ginger, has a pungent, spicy sweet flavour and can be enjoyed as a snack, within baked goods and alongside main dishes. Discover some of our recipes below to make use of leftover crystallised ginger.

What to do with leftover crystallised ginger

Recipes with crystallised ginger

How to use up leftover crystallised ginger

leftover crystallised ginger

  • Gingerbread shortbread
    Using this classic shortbread recipe simply mix 3 tbsp chopped crystallised ginger into the dough before shaping, then bake as in the recipe.
  • Ginger and honey fro-yo
    Finely chop 75g crystallised ginger and mix with 150g honey. In a separate bowl, whisk 500g natural greek yoghurt, 50g caster sugar and a pinch of sea salt until smooth. Pour into a small wide plastic container, freeze for 45 minutes, then beat with a fork to loosen. Repeat twice more over the next 90 minutes. On the last mix, fold in the honey and ginger to give a rippled effect. Freeze for 1-2 hours before serving.
  • Christmas spiced buns
    Using our basic hot cross bun recipe, simply press a few pieces of chopped crystallised ginger into each bun and bake as in the recipe.
  • Dark chocolate dipped ginger
    For a super sumptuous snack take a 150g bar of 80% dark chocolate, break into a heat proof bowl and melt over a pan of boiling water until fully melted. Take the whole chunks of crystallised ginger, dunk into the melted chocolate then place onto grease proof paper to cool.

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