Which cuts of meat cook quickly?

If time isn’t on your side, but you still want to put a protein-filled meal on the table, then here’s our quick guide to the cuts of meat that cook the most quickly.

Which cuts of meat cook quickly?


  • Sirloin
    Often sold as slices of meat, this cut is a large piece of meat taken from the middle of the animal’s back, next to the fillet. A good piece of sirloin should have a visible marbling of fat, to give good flavour, and be almost as tender as a piece of fillet. See our beef sirloin recipes.
  • Rump
    A good value steak that has much more flavour than a fillet or sirloin as the muscle that it comes from works harder in the animal. This also means that it can be chewier, particularly if the meat has not been matured properly. See our beef rump recipes.
  • Fillet
    The most prized and expensive piece of meat on the animal – in a 300kg beef carcass there is only about 2kg of fillet! It is very tender as it is the least used muscle, but it doesn’t have as much flavour as some other cuts, so be careful not to overcook it. See our beef fillet recipes.
  • Rib eye
    A very popular steak in America. This is the trimmed fillet or eye of a forerib of beef, which is a classic roasting joint. It has lots of marbling, which gives it fantastic depth of flavour. See our rib eye recipes



  • Leg steaks
    These are slices of boned leg of lamb, which are ideal for frying and grilling. See our lamb leg steak recipes.
  • Loin chops
    From the centre of a loin of lamb, these have a good layer of fat, making tender and tasty chops. They can be a bit fiddly to eat because they have a bone. See our lamb chop recipes.
  • Cutlets
    From the best end of lamb, otherwise known as a rack of lamb, the cutlets can be cut from the rack and pan-fried individually. See our lamb cutlet recipes.

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