Spiced caramel lollipops

  • for lots of people
  • Takes 40 minutes to make, plus cooling
  • Easy
A cinch to make, these spicy caramel sticks make a great talking point at the end of a meal – serve with fresh coffee.

Nutritional info per serving

Per lolly

  • Calories98.5kcals
  • Fat trace fat (no saturated)
  • Proteintrace protein
  • Carbohydrates26.5g (26.5g sugars)
  • Salttrace salt

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  • You’ll need wooden sticks, such as bamboo skewers. If you don’t want to use sticks, just make giant blobs of caramel in each flavour, then, when set, snap into pieces and gift-wrap.

From December 2004

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