10 of the best jersey royal potato recipes

Make the most of jersey royal season with 10 delicious recipe ideas. Seeing these small, firm spuds in the shops sparks seasonal excitement – for the distinct nutty flavour they bring to dishes and for the promise that warmer salad days are well on their way. Jersey royals are harvested from the end of March until July, but the peak of their season is in May.

These 10 jersey royal recipes all make the most of the kidney-shaped potatoes’ texture and flavour. We’ve teamed them with other seasonal stars in potato salads, tapas dishes, main dishes and superior sides. How many recipes can you try before the season ends?

10 of the best jersey royal potato recipes

What are jersey royals?

New potatoes are small, freshly harvested young tubers, while jersey royals are a specific variety of potato, grown exclusively in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. They’re often kidney-shaped and have thin, flaky skins, firm flesh and an earthy, nutty flavour.

What’s so special about them?

Like champagne and roquefort, jersey royals can’t be produced anywhere other than in their designated region. The distinctive taste is said to be down to the traditional method of production – they’re grown on sloping south facing côtils (fields) and fertilised with vraic (seaweed collected from the shoreline and spread over the côtils). Their firm flesh makes them ideal for all sorts of cooking, but they’re especially good in salads. Because there’s a limited supply of jersey royals and they’re only around until July, they’re particularly sought after by chefs and home cooks.

Are they good for you?

Jersey royals are a good source of vitamin C and they’re also great for fibre. Mainly, though, they’re an excellent source of  starchy carbohydrates (according to official UK health advice, starchy foods should make up 1/3 of the food we eat and are an important source of energy and nutrients).

10 of the best jersey royal recipes

Make the most of jersey royal season with these delicious recipe ideas…

Jersey royal and brown crab salad

Rich brown crab meat makes a perfect partner for the earthy potatoes in this fabulous potato salad. A moment-in-time dish for late spring, when both ingredients are in season and at their finest.

Crab potato salad
Salt and vinegar jersey royal focaccia

Salt and vinegar lovers, have we got the recipe for you! This golden focaccia has a secret ingredient which makes it extra soft and pillowy: mashed jersey royals. Top with crisp salt-and-vinegar potato slices for one incredible lunchtime or picnic treat.

Smoked haddock and jersey royal stew

Who says stews are for the depths of winter? Give this comfort dish a spring makeover by simmering jersey royals in a spicy broth fragranced with turmeric and coriander seeds before topping with steamed smoked haddock.


Jersey royal tortilla

Potatoes are the star attraction of a good tortilla, so why not give this Spanish classic a flavour boost by using sweet, earthy jersey royals? Smash the potatoes to add crispy texture to the omelette.


Buttery jersey royals with broad beans

Buttery new potatoes belong in the Side Dish Hall of Fame. Try this timeless dish with nutty jersey royals and add broad beans, lemon and mint for a taste of summer (this recipe works best later in the jersey royal season when broad beans are available).

Jersey royals

Patatas aliñadas

Patatas alinadas is a popular tapas dish from Andalusia. The potatoes are served cold or at room temperature in a marinade of sherry vinegar, peppers, red onion and oodles of Spanish olive oil. Make the dish with jersey royals to really showcase their nuttiness.


Jersey royal chips

Jersey royals make excellent chips with bags of flavour. Slice into long quarters then roast until crisp, before dunking into the sunshine-yellow saffron aïoli.


Sherry-braised jersey royals

Swap mayo for sherry vinegar in this vibrant, grown-up potato salad. Simmer the jersey royals in a buttery sherry-vinegar broth then serve with tender broad beans and crispy waves of serrano ham.

Sherry braised

Chicken, anchovy and jersey royal salad

Food writer and River Cottage chef Gill Meller has created a filling chicken salad that celebrates spring. Nutty jersey royals, tender in-season asparagus, crispy chicken and salty anchovies: it’s a festival of tastes and textures.

Chicken with jersey royals

Crispy jersey royals with curry leaves

Par-boil jersey royals then pan-fry until crispy with fragrant curry leaves and mustard seeds. A perfect side dish or low-fuss main topped with a fried egg.

Curry leaves

Hungry for more ideas? Browse all our jersey royal recipes, or take a look through our May seasonal dishes.



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