16 different ways to serve potato

The humble spud. Is it the one vegetable none of us could do without? Fluffy comforting mash, the perfect silky-inside-crispy-outside chip, or indulgent dauphinoise – each of us has that potato dish we just can’t stop thinking about.

The potato is expert at holding its own in so many contexts. Whether you’re mad for potato salads, gnocchi, latkes or an old fashioned roastie – we hope these 16 different potato recipes will inspire you.

16 different ways to serve potato

When are potatoes in season?

In the UK, new potatoes tend to be ready in June and July, with more early varieties in July and August. Maincrops harvest from late August through to October. Get to know the varieties and which are best for which dish with our ultimate potato guide.

Our very best potato recipes

Potato latkes

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these crispy potato fritters pair perfectly with smoked salmon, crème fraîche and a squeeze of lemon in this traditional Jewish dish.

Mini beetroot and horseradish blinis

Find the recipe here

Herby hasselback potatoes

No peeling necessary! There’s a roast potato and then there’s a hasselback potato – supremely crisp, moreish and including all the goodness of the skins, it’s a win-win. They are just as easy to make as your traditional roasties, too.

Hasselback potatoes

Find the recipe here

Patatas bravas

The Spanish stalwart combines three of the best things: crisp potatoes, a rich tomato sauce, and a creamy and punchy aioli. This version of patatas bravas shows potatoes the respect they deserve.

Patatas bravas

Find the recipe here

Classic new potato salad

New potatoes are garnished with spring onions, hard boiled eggs, gherkins and fresh herbs, then dressed in a homemade dijonnaise.

New potato salad

Find the recipe here

One pot cheesy tomato and gnocchi bake

Potato gnocchi baked in tomato sauce with a scattering of mozzarella on top is known in Italy as gnocchi alla Sorrentina. It’s a one pot wonder and one of our favourite things to do with the little potato dumplings.

Gnocchi pasta bake

Find the recipe here

Limoges style pie

Potato pie? Yes please. Here a puff pastry pie is filled with thinly sliced new potatoes, garlic, herbs and cream for a richly decadent dish.

Limoges style potato pie

Find the recipe here

Crispy potato and halloumi bake

Once you’ve tried this, you’ll be coming back again and again. Baked new potatoes are mixed with a homemade chilli tomato sauce then topped with halloumi cheese before grilling until golden to create this unforgettable bake.

crispy potato bake

Find the recipe here

Beef dripping oven chips

A list of ways to cook potatoes that didn’t mention chips would frankly be an insult to the vegetable. These ones are made from baking potatoes and the fat used is beef dripping for extra luxury. They work just as well with sunflower oil if you’re vegetarian. Just add ketchup.

Beef dripping chips

Find the recipe here

Mashed potato pie with bacon and leeks

Take mashed potato centre stage in this pie recipe: bacon, leeks and cheese are added to the potatoes and it’s all baked until it’s a golden-crusted masterpiece.

Mashed potato pie

Find the recipe here 

Dum Aloo

For those that like it a bit spicier, Dum Aloo is a wonderful Indian dish that can be made with any variety of potato. It’s a meal in itself, but also makes a satisfying side to all sorts of curries.

Marinated goat's cheese tart

Find the recipe here

Fennel, taleggio and potato gratin

For an indulgent way with potatoes, you could do worse than a bubbling, oozy gratin. This one’s made with fennel, which sweetens as it bakes, and punchy taleggio, parmesan, and thyme.

Fennel and potato gratin

Find the recipe here

Ultimate gratin dauphinois

Dauphinoise, like many French dishes, requires patience. It may be a little more work than other potato dishes – with slicing, infusing and layering to be done, followed by a good hour in the oven. But the result is a masterpiece: rich, soft and crisp-on-top.

Find the recipe here

Masala dosas with spiced coconut potatoes

This Indian dish sees pancakes filled with boiled potatoes which are then fried with spices until they are almost mash-like. Mustard, cumin and fennel seeds add earthiness while curry leaves and coconut add warmth. It’s a must-try.

Masala dosa

Find the recipe here

Best ever fluffy roasties

Looking for the best-ever roast potatoes of all time? Your search stops here. These are fluffy inside, and have a fresh, zesty gremolata topping – the addition of lemon juice squeezed over at the end takes these spuds to the next level.

Beetroot Stalks

Find the recipe here

Potato farls

Irish potato bread (or potato farls) are essential for a full Irish breakfast. They also make a great accompaniment to many meals, Irish or otherwise.

Potato farls

Find the recipe here

Crispy sliced stacked lemon roasted potatoes

This potato bake takes inspiration from Greece’s patates sto fourno – where potatoes are roasted in lemon juice and dried oregano. It’s such a great way to bring out the flavour of the spuds.

Find the recipe here

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