Our 15 best plum recipes

Plum season heralds the transition from late summer to autumn. The plump stone fruits usually have a gentle sweetness and juicy but firm flesh which makes them a versatile addition to cakes and puds, as well as savoury dishes.

Plums are at their best from August to October. You’ll find them in different sizes and colours – yellow, red, deep purple – and varying degrees of tartness, so it’s worth growing (or sampling) a few varieties to discover which you like best. Plums are often on offer in the supermarket at this time of year, so pick up a few punnets and take a look through our best-ever plum recipes.

Our 15 best plum recipes

Got a plum glut on your hands? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered up our best-ever plum recipes. These seasonal recipes include plenty of cakes, bakes and puds. Plus, you’ll also discover both sweet and savoury plum preserves, salads, easy dinners and a few unexpected ideas…

Whether you’ve a surplus of common round plums, damsons, greengages or mirabelles, we think you’ll find recipes to love here.

Plum ripple ice cream

This sophisticated update to trad raspberry ripple has ribbons of rich plum jam running through it, with extra ripple drizzled over the top for good measure.


Find the recipe here

Plum and apricot brioche tart

Showcase ripe plums from your garden in this impressive brioche tart. The plums top a silky crème fraîche custard, which captures their sweet juices as the tart bakes.

Brioche tart

Find the recipe here

Plum and ginger chutney

Jam jars at the ready – it’s time to preserve some of that plum harvest. Plums, bramley apples and warming ginger combine for an autumnal chutney that’s perfect with pork and strong cheddar. Cheese sarnies just got an upgrade.


Find the recipe here

Chicken, plum and sweet spice traybake

Ripe plums add sticky sweetness to a chicken dinner. This simple traybake from Honey & Co’s Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich combines plums,coriander and fennel seeds to make an incredible marinade for chicken thighs.

Chicken plums

Find the recipe here

Plum baba

You’ve heard of a rum baba – now meet the plum baba. Our take on the French dessert classic sees the little brioche cakes served with a rich plum syrup and roasted plums.

Plum baba
Find the recipe here

Plum and almond sponge cake

Plums make a wonderful addition to cakes and bakes. Take this versatile plum and almond sponge, for example. Cut into squares for a traybake, serve with proper homemade custard for a comforting pud, or freeze for cake-based emergencies.

Find the recipe here

Mozzarella, plum and burnt leek salad

Plums lend a tangy sweetness to this vibrant salad. Combine quick-pickled plums with creamy mozzarella, toasted hazelnuts, watercress and leeks for a celebration of late summer.


Find the recipe here

Plum fruit leather

If you’ve got young children, you’ll know they can demolish a packet of pricey  shop-bought fruit leathers in seconds. Try making your own healthy, homemade version with Olia Hercules’ recipe for fruit leather, known as tklapi in Georgia and the Caucasus region.

Find the recipe here

Spiced plum cake with Swiss meringue frosting

Plum cakes don’t have to be rustic, simple affairs. Make the late summer fruits the star of this celebration cake, ideal for birthdays and blanketed in airy Swiss meringue frosting.

Plum cake

Find the recipe here

British plum umeboshi

Umeboshi is a popular Japanese pickle, often translated as ‘salted plums’ but actually made with the ume fruit. The result is a complex salty, sour pickle often served with rice. Ume are hard to get hold of in the UK, so try making this moreish preserve with small, firm British plums.

Find the recipe here

Plum and vanilla jam

Fancy a sweeter preserve? Try our plum and vanilla jam. The aroma of ripe plums, cinnamon and vanilla bubbling away on the stove is better than any scented candle.

Find the recipe here

Spatchcock duck with plums

Rich meaty duck and sweet-sharp plums are made for each other. Combine the two with warming spices and sharp redcurrants and give the duck a long marinade for delicious results.

Find the recipe here

Nutty plum and sloe gin crumble

Crumble season is upon us. If you fancy a change from the more obvious blackberry and apple, try this grown-up ‘plumble’ with a generous slug of sloe gin.

Find the recipe here

Plum membrillo

Membrillo is a quince paste from Spain, where it’s a popular partner for Manchego. Try this Anglo-Spanish version – made with ripe plums – alongside strong cheeses and cold meats.

Find the recipe here

Plum upside-down cake

Move over, pineapple! Plums form the sticky, fruity inverted base of this moreish bake. Toasty hazelnuts and thyme-infused honey give the cake an earthy, autumnal edge. Serve with dollops of crème fraîche.

Plum cake

Find the recipe here

For more inspiration, find all our plum recipes in one handy place. Make the most of a hedgerow haul with 11 brilliant blackberry recipes, or plan for cosy season with our recipes to make you excited for autumn.

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