Dips and sticks

Dips and sticks
  • Serves icon Serves 8
  • Time icon Ready in 15 min

This dips and sticks recipe is proof that healthy snacks are just as tasty as unhealthy ones! Perfect for a family picnic.


  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 bunch baby carrots
  • 8 celery sticks
  • 1/3 cucumber
  • 24 sesame seed breadsticks
  • 200g tub taramasalata
  • 200g tub tzatziki
  • 200g tub houmous


  1. Cut the end off the pepper and twist the stalk to remove the core and seeds. Cut the pepper in half, then into strips (use scissors if you find it easier). Scrub the carrots with a stiff brush under cold running water to clean them. Wash the celery and cut each stick in half. Cut the cucumber in half lengthways, then cut each piece into 8 sticks. Chill in sealable containers until needed.
  2. Put the crunchy vegetable sticks and breadsticks into mini buckets or pots. Serve with the dips.

delicious. tips

  1. Put the vegetable sticks in a cool bag with an ice pack to keep them fresh and crunchy.


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