• Serves icon Serves 1
  • Time icon 5 minutes

S’mores, an American childhood camping treat, are made by squashing a hot, oozing marshmallow with chocolate between two Graham crackers.


  • 2 thin biscuits (traditionally a Graham cracker, but Rich Tea or a Nice biscuit will work)
  • 1 square of thin milk chocolate (like Hershey’s)
  • 1 marshmallow


  1. Take the biscuit and top with a thin square of milk chocolate. Skewer the marshmallow, then toast over the glowing embers of a fire, barbecue or hob, until golden and oozing. Remove from the heat, put the marshmallow on top of the chocolate, then top with the second biscuit and use that to pull the marshmallow sandwich off the skewer. Eat the marshmallow sandwich straightaway, while it’s still warm and sticky.


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