What to do with leftover freekeh

Made from roasted green durum wheat, freekeh has a nutty, often smoky flavour. Try these recipes and discover how it is a great addition to many dishes.

What to do with leftover freekeh

Recipes using freekeh 

How to use up leftover freekeh 

  • Grain salad. Freekeh works really well in place of couscous or pearl barley in a warm roasted vegetable salad. Add plenty of torn herbs, a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of good quality olive oil, then top with crumbled goat’s cheese or feta.
  • Med-style side. Drain cooked, still-warm freekeh, then dress with extra-virgn olive oil and a bit of vinegar, then season with sea salt (it absorbs flavours best when warm). Add plenty of chopped fresh herbs, coarsely chopped baby spinach leaves and chopped cherry tomatoes.
  • Easy summer vegetarian supper. Roast chopped fennel and cubes of sweet potato with a splash of oil in a hot oven until tender. Toss with cooked freekeh, basil and mint, then top with grilled halloumi.



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