11 Marmite recipes you’re going to love (we promise)

When it comes to Marmite, as the cliché goes: ‘you either love it or hate it’. And sure enough, we’ve yet to meet an individual who sits on the fence. But Marmite can add punch and tang to so many dishes, be they a vegan wellington or a baked treat like a scone. It’s full of vitamin B too!

If you’re a lover, read on. We’ve put together a collection of our favourite, alternative recipes using Marmite, from both the delicious. library and blogs around the web. We think these recipes will make Marmite lovers tastebuds tingle, and we reckon they might even convert the haters.

11 Marmite recipes you’re going to love (we promise)

The vegan spread might not look incredibly appetising – the brown, salty, oil-slick of a foodstuff that it is. But, looks can be deceiving – this small but mighty jar holds be the secret ingredient to so many dishes, as well as offering up a flawless toast topper of course.

Have a read, and a taste, and let us know if you manage to convert anyone.

Cheese, Marmite and bacon sausage rolls

Who doesn’t love a sausage roll? Here, the salty kick of the Marmite enhances the flavour of the pork. The cheese is an extra bonus…

Marmite sausage rolls

Marmite macaroni cheese

If marmite on toast is one of your favourite things, you’re going to love making the crunchy topping for this epic macaroni cheese. Dark, sticky Marmite takes the cheese sauce to new heights, as well.

Marmite macaroni cheese

Cheesy sausage and mash pie

One of the very best food pairings – sausage and mash – all packed into a delicious pie, and enhanced with, you guessed it – Marmite.

Marmite muffins

Cheddar, chive and Marmite scones

Debora’s Robertson’s easy recipe for flaky cheddar, chive and Marmite scones is a must try. Eat while still warm, split, with lots of butter and extra Marmite if you like.

Marmite scones


They'll make Marmite lovers' tastebuds tingle, and we reckon these recipes might even convert the haters.

Witch’s broomsticks (cheese straws)

Have these simple cheesy broomstick biscuits ready to serve to visitors at Halloween. They can also be plaited and served as cheese straws, when it’s not Halloween.

Witch's broomsticks

Roast potato, Marmite and bacon traybake

Marmite is a delightfully tangy addition to these tatties. Add a fried or poached egg each if you’re super hungry.

Marmite potatoes

The Veg Space’s Marmite and chilli quarter pounder

This juicy veggie burger gives your tastebuds a kick of marmite and chilli – it’s so flavourful, you won’t even miss the meat.

Marmite chilli quarter pounder

John Whaite’s Marmite and cheddar swirl loaf

A ready-made cheese and Marmite sandwich. Somehow, the swirls make it taste all the better.

Marmite loaf

Lay the Table’s chocolate cake with Marmite caramel buttercream

This one may sound too strange for some, but it really is just a salted caramel buttercream. And the saltiness comes from the Marmite. Perhaps not so strange after all!

Marmite cake 

Vegan sausage plait

The sausage plait is made with stuffing mix, soya mince and amped up with Marmite for extra punchiness. Meat eaters will love it too.

Marmite pie

Three-onion soup with Stilton croutons

The brewed yeast extract adds depth to this hot tangy soup. Served with a dry white wine, this is a showstopping starter or light main.

French onion soup

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