20 savoury loaf recipes that you KNEAD in your life

Sourdough, focaccia, flatbread, ciabatta…there’s so much more to bread than white or brown, sliced or unsliced.

In celebration of GBBO’s bread week, which showcases the wonders that can be achieved by kneading up a batch of your own dough, we’ve rounded up our favourite savoury loaves for you to try at home.  Do let us know in the comments if you make any yourself!

20 savoury loaf recipes that you KNEAD in your life

1. Tahini, sesame and fennel seed bread

Not only is this tahini, sesame and fennel seed bread beautiful to look at, it tastes rather scrumptious too. Serve alongside a bowl of olives and a creamy yogurt dip and you’ve got yourself the perfect antipasti to share amongst friends.

For tips on kneading and proving, see our guide on how to make bread.

Tahini bread

2. Beetroot and feta soda bread

This soda bread is our go-to recipe for when time is short. Deliciously peppered with beetroot and feta and flecked with rosemary sprigs, this fragrant loaf is a winning combination of savoury flavours.

feta beetroot bread

3. Sobrasada and mozzarella sharing loaf

This sizeable and lofty sourdough loaf is stuffed with butter, sobrasada (cured sausage), mozzarella and garlic, then topped with extra cheese for a cracking hit of flavour; a wonderful party snack or crowd-pleasing starter.

sharing bread

4. Tear and share feta and herb bread

Our cheesy loaf is sprinkled with parsley and chives to add a whole new depth of flavour and a hit of freshness. Bringing out this swirled masterpiece is an easy way to impress your dinner party guests.

Tear and share bread

5. Four-strand challah

If you’re unfamiliar with challah, a special bread in Jewish cuisine, then this recipe makes a brilliant introduction. Offering rich and slightly sweet flavours with a heavenly soft inside, this bread tastes just as good as it looks and can be served with a variety of sweet or savoury toppings.

Watch how to plait a challah loaf for extra guidance.

Four strand challah

6. Herby gooseberry focaccia

Who doesn’t love focaccia? Laced with olive oil, studded with jammy gooseberries and decorated with woody herbs, this moreish bread is a fail-safe way to convert any remaining savoury-sceptics.

Herby gooseberry focaccia

7. Potato and rosemary bread with beetroot and dill pickle

This hearty loaf brings subtle, comforting flavours together and is served with a punchy beetroot and dill pickle; a brilliant way to spruce up a picnic.

Beetroot salad bread

8. Spring onion focaccia

Our easy-to-make focaccia has been filled with aromatic herbs, sprinkled with sea salt flakes and drizzled with olive oil making it so delicious, that it’ll be hard to resist just one slice.

Spring onion focaccia

9. Classic white loaf

Once you’ve mastered the classic white loaf, more intricate savoury bread  recipes won’t seem nearly as complex. Follow our basic recipe to create a reliable bread for routine sandwiches or to be served alongside soup.

Classic white loaf

10. Cheesy sage and garlic bread

Originating from the Liguria region of Italy, this plaited loaf is twist on garlic bread with the addition of sage. Not only does it deliver on flavour but it looks pretty impressive, too.

Fancy learning how to shape a plaited loaf? Here’s a step-by-step guide

braided loaf

11. Ploughman’s ale bread

Simple yet effective, this quick and easy cheese and ale malt loaf recipe is one which hits the savoury spot every single time.

savoury white loaf

12. Ciabatta

Creating a simple ciabatta makes a great springboard for delicious Mediterranean fillings such as olives, sun-dried tomatoes and various dips.


13. Tomato and basil pesto focaccia

Light, fluffy and enriched with drizzles of top quality olive oil, homemade focaccia is a thing of beauty, especially when topped with vine cherry tomatoes and basil pesto like this one.

pesto focaccia

14. Granary loaf

You really can’t beat a good granary loaf – the smell is enough to make mouths water. This recipe is full of substance; combining an oaty topping, a handful of seeds and a mix of wholemeal, rye and white flours.

Need to go back to basics? Learn how to make classic bread here.

Granary loaf

15. Swirled butternut squash, feta and sage loaf

A cut above your average loaf, this recipe brings savoury autumnal flavours to the table with the addition of butternut, feta and sage.

butternut squash feta and sage loaf

16. Stromboli bread

Combine your love of pizza and bread with this impressive Stromboli recipe, stuffed with tomato passata, fontina cheese and speck ham. It’s essentially pizza, in a roll!

Stromboli bread

17. Classic sourdough bread

The widespread love for sourdough hasn’t dwindled, so it’s about time you had a go at making your own. This foolproof recipe shows you how.

Learn how to make a sourdough starter here.

Sourdough loaf

18. Bacon and wild garlic bread 

Knead we say more? This really is comfort food at its finest; warm pillow-soft loaf slathered in rich butter. The wild garlic in the recipe can be easily substituted for parsley or spinach, too.

Bacon loaf

19. Cheddar and bacon loaf

Taking only 40 minutes from start to finish, this cheddar and bacon loaf offers a great intro into making your own bread. Plus it goes without saying, cheddar and bacon make a scrumptious pairing!

Bacon loaf

20. Wheaten bread with sesame and sunflower seeds

Thanks to the addition of sesame seeds, sunflowers and walnut, this recipes packs in lots of flavour and texture.What’s more, it’s ready in just one hour!

Wheaten loaf

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