GBBO episode 8: The good, the bad and the ugly

GBBO episode 8: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Izzy Brimeau

Episode eight of the the nation’s favourite baking show brought us forgotten bakes. And then, swiftly reminded us why they are forgotten. I’m sorry to say it (and possibly offend every Tom, Spotted Dick and Harry) but I found the quarter final a little lacking.

[Spoiler alert]

In my defence, I’m still mad that Liam was sent home. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, save yourself the heartbreak. Find out who stole the show and who folded under the pressure in this week’s roundup of the good, the bad and the ugly moments.

The good
It was a relief to see Stacey FINALLY getting it right and nailing the signature. Welcome to the party, Stacey.

stacey clanger

It amused me watching everyone measure ingredients without jugs. Good ol’ Steven gave himself a stern talking to “come on think about this Steven… 50ml”… Wish I’d had 50ml rum to help get me through the show.

Steven measureedited

Kate’s rum butter – I want to dunk my whole body in it, right now.

kate butteredited

I was left speechless when Stacey broke the oven… And again when she won star baker. Come on Paul and Prue, she broke the oven!


Sophie’s Savoy cake creation stood tall and proud and the judges loved the design.

Sophie cakeedited

The roses on Steven’s showstopper were B E A U-tiful. I would also boast about making 150 for my mother’s 60th.

Steven cakeedited

The bad
Clangers – what a word. The sound itself is enough to land it in the bad section of this week’s roundup.

Clumsy Kate made an appearance once again dropping her bakes left, right and centre, until she literally dropped a clanger.


The awkward moment when I was thinking ‘why haven’t they shown Yan yet?’…

Every baker trying to calculate the lattice – cue this trending meme.

calculating memeedited

Steven throwing away his lattice topping, which I thought was pretty darn perfect.

steven latticeedited

My heart broke for Liam and his inedible, raw pie. That’s when I knew. It was the beginning of the end.

liam pie

When Kate used 60 eggs. 60 EGGS. What’s worse? The fact that her cake creation was below average. Those poor chickens.


Please raise your hand if you found it stressful watching the bakers remove their Savoy cakes from the tins *raises still shaking hand*.

cake removaledited

Kate breaking her cake. Kate breaking her cake topper. Kate breaking the spirit of many. Not enough eggs maybe?

kate cakeedited

Watching Liam happily decorate his showstopper cake with time to spare. And then, watching in horror as his spun sugar started to deteriorate. Oh Liam, just when I needed you the most, you had to go and let me down.

Liam cakeedited

The ugly
Kate’s horrific lattice topping.

Kate latticeedited

Stacey’s invasively pink Savoy cake creation. Remind me again, how did she win star baker?

Stacey cakeedited

Me – ugly crying – when Liam was sent home.

So, after a somewhat disappointing quarter final, we move on to the semi final: patisserie week. And in anticipation of that, here’s a cracking fresh egg vanilla custard for you to try.

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