Glamour Cakes by Eric Lanlard

Exquisite designs from the cake-maker to the stars.

Glamour Cakes by Eric Lanlard

If you saw the December 2007 issue of delicious. magazine, you will have feasted your eyes upon Eric Lanlard’s sweet creations, and hopefully had a go at making them yourself.

If not, you now have the opportunity to recreate Eric’s stunning cakes: from the hand-painted Toile de Jouy wedding cake to his 1920’s-inspired American retro cake; if ever there was a time to impress your guests it will be with one of these highly original designs.

And it’s not as hard as it looks either – if you follow the step-by-step decorating instructions. There’s also a section explaining which tools and equipment you need, and how to bake and assemble the cakes.

Eric has made cakes for A-listers such as Madonna and Elizabeth Hurley, so there’s no better man to trust if you want to make something truly stunning.

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