How to make a sourdough starter

Follow cookery assistant Rosie Ramsden’s step-by-step guide and you’ll be boasting about your sourdough in no time.

How to make a sourdough starter
  • Day 1 Mix 1 tbsp bread flour, rye flour or spelt flour with 2 tbsp water (filtered or bottled) in a large sterilised jar. Cover with a lid or cling film and set aside (not in the fridge).
  • Days 2-5 Feed again with the same quantities flour/water for each of the next three days. During this time the mixture will capture the wild yeasts in the air. It will start to bubble and develop a distinctive sour smell.
  • Day 6 Discard half, then feed again with equal parts flour and water (about 3 tbsp each). It’s ready to bake with the following day.

Now you’ve got your sourdough, you can make Lucas Hollweg’s sourdough loaf.

Future bakes
If you’re going to make bread once a week, keep feeding it 1 tbsp flour/1 tbsp water every day to replenish what you use to make your loaf (if you make more than one loaf a week you may need to increase the amount you feed it). If you only want to make bread occasionally, it’s ok to freeze your starter. Defrost it two days before you want to bake, feed it until bubbling, then use it to make your sourdough.



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