Pea soup with gorgonzola dolce and ham hock

  • Serves 4
  • Hands-on time 10 minutes
  • Easy
A vibrant pea soup recipe with the added indulgence of creamy blue cheese and meaty ham hock.
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  • 1 litre fresh chicken stock
  • 650g frozen peas
  • 50g gorgonzola dolce, plus more to serve
  • A squeeze of lemon juice, optional
  • A handful shredded ham hock, to serve
  • Crusty bread to serve


  1. Heat the chicken stock in a pan, then add the peas and simmer for 5 minutes. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, then stir in the gorgonzola. Leave to cool, then whizz to a smooth soup with a stick blender. 
  2. Heat through, taste and adjust the seasoning ‚Äì you may want to add a squeeze of lemon juice. 
  3. Garnish with the ham hock and a little more crumbled gorgonzola, then serve with plenty of crusty bread on the side.

From February 2015

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